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Opera SQL SE

Upgrade to Opera SE and enjoy the additional power, security and reliability that SQL brings. Available in the Cloud.

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Power & Information At Your Fingertips

Industry-specific custom menus and features mean Pegasus Opera 3 will always be linked to every area of your business around the clock. Updates about stock availability, prices, and special offers can be sent to every till in real time from one screen. Even the smallest company can win significant gains. The system delivers everything you’d expect for a powerful EPOS system!

Key Capabilities

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 Built-in compatibility with Pegasus Opera 3

It feeds sales information directly into your accounts from online or on-site sales

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Powerful connection to Pegasus Opera 3

From one location you can instantly and simultaneously update prices, stock, and customer information to your tills and your website

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Easy Stock Control

Update your stock levels with every sale no matter if it’s onsite through your EPOS system or online sales through your website, Amazon or eBay

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The solution is tablet-based, so data’s at your fingertips when you need it, in the office, on the shop floor or in the warehouse

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Automate processes

Records sales revenue directly into Pegasus Opera 3 to reduce human error

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Accurate reporting

Instantly updates stock levels for the benefit of online customers purchasing through your website, Amazon or eBay

Manage Retail & Trade In One POS System

Instant access to data on your customers, special pricing and stock on every till.
Intelligent offline mode allows you the freedom to continue selling without Wi-Fi.
Unique industry-specific features, such as wholesale discounts and haggle screens.
Increase revenue with upsell opportunities at the point-of-sale, easily manage promotions and discounts at any till.

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Would you like to integrate an EPOS system with Opera 3?

Contact us and one of our Pegasus Specialists will contact you for a quick chat about your requirements.

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Our solutions are used by:

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Having worked with Pegasus and Intsys for many years, we have absolute confidence in both the product and the support we receive, and look forward to reaping the productivity benefits that the latest Opera solutions will bring us. The enhanced reporting in Opera 3 enables us to export reports directly to Excel and benefit from real time management information


Helena Lapczynska, Payroll Manager, Hyde Park Residence

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