Why upgrade to Opera 3?

We’ve added and enhanced many features in Opera 3 to improve the way you work.

By investing in our flagship solution Opera 3, you are protecting the future of your business.
Opera 3 blends new and current technology, with some applications written in the Microsoft.NET framework.


Take advantage of the new features only available in Opera 3.

Improved reporting is a key benefit, so you can make smarter business decisions.

There are more reports you can output directly to Excel, you can run multiple reports at the same time and reports can stay open while you navigate to other areas of the system.

Opera 3's unique features

Report Output to Excel

For data manipulation and analysis

You can now output most Opera 3 reports directly to MS Excel so you can analyse, manipulate and report on your data using an interface you’re familiar with.

This applies to both selected standard reports, including most Nominal and Sales reports, and to those created in the Reporter application. 

Run multiple reports at the same time; reports can stay open while you navigate to other areas of the system.

You can minimise one and open another, or tile them on screen. And the new search facility creates a list of bookmarks that link to the relevant results of your search.

Error Correction

Simplifying corrections in the ledgers

We all make mistakes, but we don’t want to spend lots of time correcting them. 

In Opera 3, a user friendly wizard within the Sales and Purchase Ledgers will allow you to easily correct mis-allocated transactions; you also have the added option of being able to remove the associated transactions, such as a Sales Receipt or Purchase

You can also amend and repost journals after they’ve been posted in the Nominal Ledger.

Credit Management Centre

Managing customer debt effectively to help improve cash flow

The Credit Management Centre provides credit controllers and those involved in debt management with a consolidated view of the business.

You can quickly see what is owed, who owes it and how much money has been promised by customers, with easy to understand real-time graphs displaying your overall financial status.

All in one central location, this information will help you improve cash flow, reduce bad debts and improve the financial position of your business.

Pegasus Web Xchange

Connect with your Opera 3 remotely

The Pegasus Web Xchange is a secure and easy way to access your Opera 3 data on the go – anytime, anywhere and on a number of devices. It will change the way you work and run your business. 

Using new browser based  technology, the Pegasus Web Xchange provides a set of services that are used to securely access and view Opera 3 data via a web browser.

Saves time with 24/7 access and improves efficiency.

Payroll Self Service

Empower employees and reduce HR costs

As the Payroll Administrator, keeping up-to-date with employee requests to update personal details, check holiday entitlement or re-issue copies of payslips, can add hours to your workload. You can cut hours off the time spent doing administration every month.

You’ll also save on printing and posting payslips.

The solution is simple: Payroll Self Service. This leaves the HR department to keep up to date with important legislation; run their payroll more efficiently and focus on their other day to day duties.

Scheduler and Notification Services

Running key tasks outside office hours

Run some of your Opera 3 processes at a time that suits you.

Schedule tasks to process outside the normal working day, minimising disruption.

Tasks you can schedule include: Repeat invoicing, data back-up, update data structures, tidy system, and running period ends in the Nominal, Sales and Purchase Ledgers.

This comes as standard when you upgrade to Opera 3.

VAT100 Online Filing

File your VAT return online

Take the strain out of online filing and submit your VAT Return online quickly and easily from Opera 3 and the Online Filing Manager. It’s fast, secure, reliable and convenient.

Open Period Accounting

Flexibility to post in the past and future periods

If you want more flexibility in your financials, Opera 3 is for you.

Create calendars for the current and up to 3 future financial years.

With Open Period Accounting you can post transactions to any periods marked as “open”, either directly or from other Opera 3 applications such as the Sales and Purchase Ledgers.

You can also create a calendar for the previous financial year and post transactions into the last period of that year.

This gives you total control and flexibility within the Nominal Ledger.

Landed Costs

For an accurate valuation of your stock costs

Landed costs are the additional costs incurred in getting goods you purchase from your supplier to your premises.

The total cost of a landed shipment includes the purchase price of the goods, freight costs, insurance, and possibly other costs such as customs duties and other taxes that may be levied on a shipment.

In Opera 3 you can define landed cost elements and assign them to stock items.

Knowing both the purchase price and the landed costs is critical so that you know the profit margin you are going to make.


Keeping accurate stock levels

It’s crucial to have precise information on your stock, to meet customer demand and optimise the production process.

The Stocktake application extracts product information from Opera 3 so that stock items can be allocated to worksheets for a manual count.

On completion of the worksheets, you can run a cross-check and make corrections and adjustments that can be fed back into Opera 3 to update stock levels.

Even more features to improve your business


Summary Scheduler

The Summary Scheduler in Helpdesk Management provides the perfect solution for scheduling, rescheduling and viewing calls in bulk quickly. 


Batch generate preventative maintenance calls 

Create batches of preventative maintenance calls due for equipment items, saving time and effort. 


Historical Stock Valuation Reporting

A Historical Stock Valuation report has been added to Stock Control which shows the value of stock items as at a date in the past.


Document Management Desktop

Document Management Desktop brings the benefits of Document Management to everyone in the office directly from their desktop, independent of Opera 3.


Enhanced user interface

You’ll find navigating around Opera 3 easy with the improved user interface.


Improved user assistance

Opera 3 Help has been restructured and significantly improved. It now includes a What’s New section and How To section.


Opera 3 Info Centre

A resourceful website just for Opera 3 users. 

Why should you move?


You could see taking the next step to Opera 3 as investing in the future. At Intsys, we understand how important it is to have a system that will grow with your business and we’re continually optimising Opera 3 to make sure it does just that.


Taking the next step to Opera 3 couldn’t be easier

Intsys will ensure you have a smooth transition to Opera 3 with minimal disruption to your business. Plus, there’s little training required which means you’ll be seeing the benefits in no time.

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