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How to enable your Pegasus XRL software Add-in

If you are using XRL in conjunction with Pegasus Opera 3, you should always expect to see your Add-in appear along the top menu bar within your Microsoft Excel Software. But what happens if the Add-in is not there? 
Before you contact the Intsys Pegasus Software Support Team, there are a few simple checks you can make to activate your XRL Add-in which may reduce any potential downtime.

On your desktop, you will need to navigate to Start > All Programs > XRL > Maintenance.

Click “OK” at the logon screen – In most cases a password is not required, however if there is and you are unsure of the password please check with the main user of XRL in your organisation.

On the next screen, you must click on “Configure Microsoft Office”.



You will then need to tick the box marked Microsoft Excel and click the “Apply” button.

Please note that XRL requires local administrator privileges in order to run, so if your Windows user profile does not have this, it can prevent your Add-in from functioning.
There is also another way in which you can re-enable your Add-in if you find it has disappeared when opening Microsoft Excel. Once you have Excel open, you will need to navigate to File > Options > Add-Ins.


Depending on your version of XRL, you should [...]



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