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Why is an Invoice/Payment not appearing in the Purchase Authorise BACs?

March 31, 2015

In Pegasus Opera 3 there may be occasions when your invoice or payment does not appear in the Authorise BACs screen in the Purchase Ledger. There are settings in the Supplier, Invoice and Payment levels that we check if this is the case.


Is the Invoice Due?

The system is designed to only let you authorise overdue invoices in the Authorise BACs screen. In other words, if the invoice is not yet due there is not an option to automatically create a payment and include in the BACs file.

  • You can check if the invoice is due by going to Purchase Processing > Find Supplier > Action > View > Account, find the invoice and check the Due Date column.


[Please Note: To include invoices that qualify for an early settlement discount then there is an option via Payments > Authorise BACs > Use Sett Disc Terms To Calculate Due Date tick box]



Supplier Terms

How a Supplier is set up can affect whether transactions appear on the Authorise BACs screen.

  • Go to Purchase Processing > Find Supplier > Action > Terms and ensure the Pay By dropdown is set to BACs.



Please Note: If the Pay By option is set to “Other” the transactions for this Supplier will not appear in the Authorise BACs screen but they will appear on the Suggested Payments list.



Supplier Balance

The Authorise BACs command will not show any invoices or payments if the balance of the Supplier’s Account is zero or less. This is a precaution to deter overpayment.



Manual Payments

If a payment is posted to a Supplier’s Account, however the balance is still positive, then the payment will appear on the Authorise BACs screen and will be allocated if selected.


[Tip: To post a manual Payment to include [...]


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