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Reorganise your Documents In Pegasus Opera 3

December 18, 2015

Coming to the end of the year?  Want to tidy your Accounts system? Opera 3 has some useful features to assist you with this.

The Reorganise function in Supply Chain Management will allow you to reorganise and re-index files associated with the SOP and Invoicing modules of Pegasus Opera 3.

To access the Reorganise, navigate to Supply Chain Management

Click SOP (Invoicing) > Utilities > Reorganise


Enter your required sequence and range.




There are various options available to you for this process:

Delete Transactions Prior To: allows you to remove any documents that are eligible for deletion. 

Recalculate Order Balances: determines whether the application recalculates all customers' order balances and the total order balance that appears when you use the Monitor Companies command in the System module. This option is available in case of computer failure during processing. For example, if you have a power failure while processing, the application may have recorded a transaction, but not updated the balances.


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