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Reconciliation of your Ledgers in Opera 3

February 25, 2016

We know reconciliation can sometimes be a pain! To help you on your way, the Intsys Support Team has compiled a list of the most common causes  of discrepancies in the reconciliation process between your Ledgers:

1) Future dated transactions (posted outside of the current Nominal period)

These would show in your Purchase/Sales Ledger but not in the current Nominal To-Date balance (applies only if you are using Open Period Accounting). 

2) Transactions waiting to be transferred to the Nominal Ledger. 

Re-run the Purchase/Sales Ledger and Cashbook transfer routines from the Nominal ledger. If there are transactions that could not be transferred, Pegasus Opera 3 will warn the user.
You can find the transfer routines via Nominal > Utilities > Select the relevant transfer routine
There is an option to run “Report Only” if you just want to check what transactions are present before running the real transfer.




2) Advanced Transactions
If you are using “Allow Advanced Postings” (activated in your Purchase/Sales Ledger Set Options), you may need [...]


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