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EC Reverse Charge - Sales VAT Codes (Services)

If you provide services that are subject to Reverse Charge accounting to different EC countries, you may need to create one VAT code for the countries you are registered in, and another VAT code for the countries you are not registered in. If your customers are in one country, you need to create one VAT code.


After the VAT codes have been created they are available in the Sales Ledger, Sales Order Processing, Invoicing and Importer modules.


The VAT rate for these transactions must be set to zero percent.


1. Open the System folder and click Maintenance - VAT Processing or click the Administration tab on the  Ribbon Bar and then click System - VAT Processing.

2. Select VAT Codes.


3. To create a new record, click the  icon on the toolbar or press CTRL+N.

4. In the Country Type box, select 'R' if you are registered in the EC country, or 'U' if you are not registered in the EC country.

5. In the Trans. Type box, select 'S' for Sales.



6. In the VAT Code box, [...]


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