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If you need to process Auto Enrolment for multiple employees in Pegasus Opera 3, there is a handy feature to make global Auto Enrolment Updates, which can save you valuable time.

The global update function will allow you to carry out any of the following actions, to mu...

We have put together a list of the most common queries that have been encountered when using email payslips in Pegasus Opera 3.

Note: This article is only relevant if you are using the integrated Pegasus version of email payslips.

 Q. I have set up an employee for email...

Why is it necessary?

If you are utilising the Opera Multi-currency module, it is necessary to revalue your Nominal Foreign Currency bank balances. This is not done automatically in Opera by design, to allow the user to decide on when gains/losses are taken and also to a...

**This report is only available in Opera 3 v2.42 and subsequent versions**

The Invoice Payment Summary report produces an analysis of payments made during the chosen period.

The report is divided into sections for full payments made, a payments summary, and invoices and...

In April 2017, the government introduced new rules for how apprenticeships would be funded in the UK.

All companies with a paybill of over 3 million pound annually would be liable to pay new 0.5% levy. This levy payment is to be made monthly and submitted as part of the...

The new rates and bands for the 2017-18 tax year are updated when you run the Update Data Structures command in the System Manager or the Copy Statutory Rates command in Payroll.

PAYE, NI and Statutory Payments form (2017-18 tax year)