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A new version of Pegasus Scheduler will include changes to allow VAT Returns to be submitted to HMRC using the new Making Tax Digital for VAT service ‘MTD VAT API’.  All sites must install Pegasus Scheduler along with Microsoft SQL Server/Express and Microsoft .NET Fr...

Why is it necessary?

If you are utilising the Opera Multi-currency module, it is necessary to revalue your Nominal Foreign Currency bank balances. This is not done automatically in Opera by design, to allow the user to decide on when gains/losses are taken and also to a...

**This report is only available in Opera 3 v2.42 and subsequent versions**

The Invoice Payment Summary report produces an analysis of payments made during the chosen period.

The report is divided into sections for full payments made, a payments summary, and invoices and...

In any Financial software, the coding structure is the key to unlocking superior business analytics and KPI’s - using all of the available levels to report on can help to paint a far more accurate picture of cost analysis, departmental spend vs budget and forecasting.


In order to enable the Advanced Nominal feature in Opera 3, navigate to Administration > Maintenance > Company Profiles. Under the Options tab of your selected company, tick the “Project” and/or “Department” to enable each analysis type as required.

As you know, various modules can link to and integrate with the Nominal Ledger in Pegasus Opera 3.

If Real-Time Update of Nominal is switched on transactions are generally posted in real-time, however there are valid occasions where this may not occur (see the Opera 3 F...