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Where the levy allowance and rate are recorded

The apprenticeship levy allowance and rate is automatically recorded on the Payroll - Utilities - PAYE/NI/Stat. Payments form after  the Update Data Structures command is run with the option to update r...

Where to record the benefit

A new form called Company Car Benefits is available under ‘Payrolling Benefits’ on the Action menu on these forms:

  • Payroll > Processing

  • Personnel > Processing.

The new forms are available as soon as the software is installed du...

The new rates and bands for the 2017-18 tax year are updated when you run the Update Data Structures command in the System Manager or the Copy Statutory Rates command in Payroll.

PAYE, NI and Statutory Payments form (2017-18 tax year)


Emergency Tax Code, Base Rate and Tax Regulatory Limit

  • For Scottish taxpayers, this is recorded on the Payroll - Utilities - Scottish Tax form.

  • For rest of the UK taxpayers, this is recorded on the Payroll - Utilities - PAYE/NI/Stat. Payments form.

Pay is c...

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