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Support Case Studies

Read below what our customers are saying about Intsys UK and Pegasus


Sector: Engineering, Construction, Building & Property

Software: Pegasus Opera 3, Pegasus CIS, XRL


Following consultation with Strategic Pegasus Support Partner Intsys UK, Keltbray Ltd, a Pegasus CISSupport Client, decided that it would be beneficial to upgrade their current version of Pegasus CIS to the SQL variant, thus providing the potential to retain more historical data, benefit from enhanced performance and many other enhancements. With over 55 users spread across 5 companies - downtime for Keltbray was not an option.The CIS data set was over 3GB in size and as such conversion times for the software were not known and it was felt that an “out of hours” installation was the most suitable way to successfully complete the project.


It was essential to test every element of the upgrade process as there would not be time on site to investigate any issues. The Intsys UKPegasus CIS Support team took a complete snapshot of the data offsite and tested every scenario of the upgrade process, keepingKeltbray informed at every step. Working as a team on and off siteIntsys were able to begin the project at 5pm in the afternoon and work through the evening whilst the users were away. By morning the users had been upgraded and there was minimal downtime.


Time on site was spent ensuring that the users were able to access key business functions and also were able to print, save and process as they had been used to in the previous version of Pegasus CIS.The project was deemed a success and Keltbray are now enjoying an enhanced user experience and have suffered practically no loss of production. This is down to sensible planning and proactive communication between the Intsys and Keltbray support teams.

CIB Comunications Case Study
Absolute Marketing Case Study

Sector: Business – Music Management

Software: Pegasus Opera 3, XRL


Absolute Marketing, a record label marketing and management company whose clients have included artists such as Dame Shirley Bassey, Melanie C, The Editors, The Hoosiers, Cascada, Skunk Anansie, McFly and George Michael, have gone live with their Opera 3 accounting and business software solution.


Following year on year growth, Absolute Marketing’s previous solution from Sage could no longer support their accounting needs. Having gone out to tender, the marketing company chose Pegasus Opera 3accounting software, a Pegasus Software solution, in February 2011.The selection was based on Opera 3’s open period accounting functionality and enhanced Excel reporting capabilities through Pegasus XRL, as well as its Windows-based, easy to use interface. With support from Pegasus Platinum Partner, Intsys, Absolute Marketing went live with Opera 3 at the beginning of March and are already reaping benefits through improved productivity and better management reporting.


"Our previous system wasn’t able to cope with the volume of data which was necessary for us to manage our accounts, so we set about sourcing a new solution which would support our expanding requirements," comments Deborah Cutting, Management Accountant, Absolute Marketing. "Opera 3’s XRL reporting is fantastic and as well as being able to export reports easily to Excel, we have much better management information to help us run the business and maximise profitability."

Sector: Marketing Agency - Construction

Software: Pegasus Opera 3, Pegasus CIS, XRL


CIB Communications reduces reporting time and improves decision making with Opera 3. Construction sector marketing agency, CIB, has gone live with its Opera 3 accounting and business software solution.


Having used Pegasus Opera II for the last three years, CIB was keen to take advantage of the enhanced reporting capabilities and improved user interface within Opera 3, the new solution from Pegasus Software.The marketing agency worked with Pegasus Software’s PlatinumPartner, Intsys UK Ltd, to implement the solution, which went live in January 2011.


“Fast, meaningful reporting and management information are integral to running our business efficiently and profitably,” comments Liz O’Donovan, Accounts Manager at CIB. “The enhanced user interface and functionality in Opera 3 means it is quick and easy to use, and affords us greater visibility of all finance information,” she continues. “The solution also enables us to export reports easily to Excel. We are able to access information on demand which facilitates quicker, better decisions, helping us to continue to grow our business.”

Sector: Hospitality

Software: Pegasus Opera 3, XRL, P11d


Hyde Park Residence (HPR), a provider of luxury serviced apartments on Park Lane, have implemented Opera 3 Payroll & HR. HPR will use the award-winning payroll solution to boost visibility, expedite the processing of P11Ds and enhance productivity, saving several days of manual data entry each year.


Having used Opera II Payroll & HR for more than 10 years, HPR wereimpressed with the new features and functionality in the Opera 3 version.An enhanced user interface and intuitive layout, easy P32 processing andfully automated P11D completion and submissions mean that HPR arealready saving time previously spent on manually processing payrolldocuments for 200 employees.


“Having used other payroll solutions in the past, we had no hesitation in moving to the latest version of Payroll & HR from Pegasus, as the solution is so simple to use. It is easy to find and drill down into the documents or reports we need, and the automation of the P11Ds has already saved us substantial amounts of time in manual processes,” comments Helena Lapczynska, Payroll Manager. “The system prompts us if we enter something wrong, which is useful and saves time on checking and re-entering data. It’s also incredibly intuitive in supporting our specific needs in payroll.” For the purchase and implementation of Opera 3 Payroll & HR, Hyde Park Residence worked with Pegasus Strategic Partner, Intsys.

Hyde Park Residence Case Study
Niarchos Case Study


Sector: Business– Investment, Financial Services

Software: Pegasus Opera 3 and XRL


Niarchos, a general agent which acts on behalf of overseas companies in a number of sectors, has upgraded to its Opera 3 accounting and business software solution. Opera 3 will deliver enhanced reporting and greater flexibility in the company’s finance function, helping it to reduce complexity and support growth.


Having worked with Pegasus’ Opera and Opera II solutions for eight years,Niarchos was keen to upgrade to Pegasus Opera 3 accounting softwarein order to take advantage of its enhanced reporting, flexibility and OpenPeriod Accounting capabilities. Prior to upgrading, Niarchos sometimeshad to close a month off before it was ready, but through using Opera 3’sOpen Period Accounting, it can dictate, and indeed change, the close periodto suit the business need.


"The enhanced reporting in Opera 3 enables us to export reports directly to Excel and benefit from real time management information," comments Mark Nunn, managing director, Niarchos. "Having worked with Pegasus and Intsys for many years, we have absolute confidence in both the product and the support we receive, and look forward to reaping the productivity benefits that the latest Opera solution will bring us." Working with Pegasus’ Platinum partner, Intsys, Niarchos went live with Opera 3 in March 2011 with six users.


Sector: Entertainment

Software: Pegasus Opera 3, XRL, Stocktake, Dashboards


Limelight Entertainment, one of the premier theatre merchandise companies in the UK, has invested in Pegasus Software’s Opera 3 to consolidate business processes and propel future business growth. 

Now live, and supported by Pegasus’ Partner Intsys UK, Limelight is making full use of Opera 3, including Financials, Credit Management Centre, Pegasus Dashboards, CRM, Pegasus XRL reporting and Stocktake. XRL Reporting ensures that the team can drill down into insights on all aspects of the business and request management reports at the touch of a button. Dashboards enables a live snapshot of where any process is at a given time, while Stocktake seamlessly manages the company’s large volumes of merchandise imported from the Far East, supporting inventory management and aiding cost control. 

“In the theatre merchandise industry, demand can fluctuate substantially and in order to capitalise on this demand, we need to provide quality products to our customers in a timely manner, at the best prices. For this, we rely on having complete visibility into customer demand and the order lifecycle and Opera 3 facilitates this in a robust and intuitive manner,” comments Paul Trotter, Operations Director, Limelight Entertainment. “Pegasus XRL Reporting is hugely valuable in allowing the team to view reports on all aspects of the business quickly and easily, while Stocktake means we always have a live view of where our stock is at any one time. This in turn allows us to exercise greater agility in responding to our customers’ needs, boosting customer service and assisting with our cashflow.” 

“We are celebrating 20 years of being in business this year, and Opera 3 has provided us with a foundation from which to embrace the next 20 years with confidence.”


Case Study published in Logistics Business IT. Read here

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