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Operations II

Operations II  integrates manufacturing management, order processing and quality control

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Manufactoring Solution

Operations II is an ideal system for small to medium sized manufacturing companies looking to implement cost effective manufacturing solutions. It is a complete production system that integrates manufacturing management and quality control with the financial system. The profit on jobs can be assessed, purchase invoices matched against goods inward receipts, and stock control actively managed.


Operations II

Operations II is modular in design and encompasses Production Control, Accounting and Quality Management. It processes data from sales orders through scheduling, production and material requirements planning to delivery and invoicing. Operations II integrates seamlessly with Pegasus Opera 3 accounting software as well as with Microsoft products, to provide a fully functional production and financial system. Moreover, one of the design principles of Pegasus Operations II is that it is an open system so that Authorised developers can tailor your system to fulfil any special requirements your particular business has.

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Job Costing

Cost control, a vital element in the manufacturing process, is an integral part of Pegasus Operations II. When an assembly is being defined, the costs are calculated based on its Bill of Materials and its routing through the shop floor. Once manufacture is initiated then actual costs will be accumulated to the job so that this can be compared to the calculated standard cost. When purchase orders are raised against a job, these are shown as committed costs against the job. As materials are issued to the job these costs are accumulated, together with any material that has been scrapped. Timesheets, costs from works orders and miscellaneous costs can all be posted to the job.

Why Operations II?

Pegasus Operations II is a complete production control system that processes data from quotations, sales orders, scheduling, material requirements planning, purchasing, production through to final delivery and invoicing. WIP is monitored, jobs are costed, products are traced and quality is maintained. Used in a diverse range of manufacturing environments, Operations II transforms a hectic process, where profitability is on a constant knife-edge, into a controllable and manageable proposition. As with Opera 3, Operations II can analyse facts, see trends developing and respond promptly to situations that can have a direct influence on your profitability. 

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What does Operations II do?

Operations II enables you to define the Bill of Materials for items that you manufacture or assemble, together with its Routing through the shop floor. This information can be used to detail the costs associated with making this assembly and can be printed as part of the WorksOrder/Routing pack that is sent to the shop floor to control its manufacture.


It is possible to monitor how far through the manufacturing process any job has reached, how long it will take to complete and what the variance is between expected times and those actually recorded. Operations II allows you to process data from sales orders, through material requirements planning (MRP), purchasing, production, quality control and finally to delivery and invoicing: a complete production control system.

Operations II integrates seamlessly with Opera 3 as well as Microsoft products

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Job Costing

When an assembly is being defined, the costs are calculated based on its Bill of Materials and its routing through the shop floor.

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Analysis of Profit

When the job is complete and all of the costs have been entered, you can see the total of the costs, compare this with the value on the sales order and immediately see the level of profit, or loss

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Stock Control

Stock control is fully comprehensive and includes manufacturing, sales, purchasing and stock levels, and is integrated with all other modules within Operations II

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BOM Updated

Linked into the Materials Requirement Planning it controls the stock levels by taking into account the components’ lead times and scrap values. also used to calculate the manufacture costs of an assembly

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Material Planning

look at sales and forecast orders to identify what needs to be delivered, and when. Will then explode this demand through the BOM to predict what needs to be manufactured and purchased 

Is Operations II the right solution for you?

Contact us and a Pegasus Specialist will assess your biggest challenges and advise on the best solutions.

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