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Operations II  integrates manufacturing management, order processing and quality control

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Operations II - Manufacturing solution

Operations II is an ideal system for small to medium sized manufacturing companies looking to implement cost effective manufacturing solutions.


It is a complete production system that integrates manufacturing management and quality control with the financial system. The profit on jobs can be assessed, purchase invoices matched against goods inward receipts, and stock control actively managed.






















Operations II is modular in design and encompasses Production Control, Accounting and Quality Management. It processes data from sales orders through scheduling, production and material requirements planning to delivery and invoicing.

Operations II integrates seamlessly with both Pegasus Opera 3 accounting software and Opera II, as well as with Microsoft products, to provide a fully functional production and financial system. Moreover, one of the design principles of Pegasus Operations II is that it is an open system, so that Authorised developers can tailor your system to fulfil any special requirements your particular business has.




Job Costing Key Features


  • Integrated with other modules so costs are automatically accumulated

  • Cost changes of materials automatically re-value the material costs to the job

  • Miscellaneous costs and timesheets can be posted to a job

  • Committed costs are taken from purchase orders raised specifically for the job

  • Materials issued to works orders or scrapped, can be reported

  • Materials can be posted directly from the Stock Control module to a job

  • Cost information on materials used in a job includes batch traceability information

  • Cost centre budgets and milestone dates can be entered and reported on

  • Work-In-Progress costs can be reported on




Stock Control Key Features


  • Product group and ABC classifications

  • Batch control of stock movements with full traceability

  • Comprehensive interrogation of any element at any time

  • Full price change history with why and when

  • Own product code and prices for any number of preferred suppliers

  • Stock record links part code, drawing/issue numbers, quality plans, images

  • EU commodity codes, country of origin, weights

  • Alternative part codes, superseded parts with on-what-date

  • Stock unit and usage unit with conversion factors, buying units

  • 'Soft' Bill of Materials allows prototype and build-to-order jobs

  • Capability records defining your certification and scope, including service bulletins and overhaul




Saler Order Processing Key Features


  • Prints acknowledgements, pro-forma, delivery notes, certificates of conformity and invoices

  • Fast-track production of manufacturing data directly from a sales order

  • Trial kit of what can be manufactured from component-free stock

  • Unlimited free text held against both sales order header and on the lines

  • Prevent processing of a sales order by marking it as being 'On Hold'

  • Settlement discount, overall discount and line discounts

  • Part kits referenced by single code appear as multiple parts on delivery note

  • EC VAT handling together with currency triangulation

  • Delivery pick lists can be directly converted into delivery notes and invoices

  • Sales order part codes can be based on customer part code reference




Purchase Order Key Features


  • Prints purchase orders, goods inward inspection cards, goods received notes and rejection notes

  • Free issue receipts and customer returns are receipted into stock via the goods inward routine

  • Purchase orders can be raised manually or automatically from sales order demand

  • Job-specific purchase orders have receipts automatically allocated to that job

  • Multi-currency purchase orders with supplier part pricing

  • Unlimited free text held against a purchase order

  • Supplier approval, performance analysis and vendor rating

  • EC VAT handling together with currency triangulation

  • Purchase order part codes locating can be based on a supplier part code





MRP Key Features


  • Orders, receipts and stock levels are compared to determine future stock shortages

  • Orders for Release report identifies orders that are overdue for release

  • Considers both firm and planned purchase orders and works orders

  • Preferred suppliers can be substituted when purchase orders are being automatically created

  • Automatic order generation will be in multiples of the purchasing pack size

  • Works orders can be automatically generated

  • Altered Bill of Materials for a specific job will be considered by the MRP system

  • Multiple MPSs can be run using different base data

  • Pegging facility will show you the source demand for a part code

  • Committed cost report shows time phasing of purchasing with cost commitments




Purchase Invoice Register Key Features


  • Purchase Invoices can be placed on hold awaiting authorisation

  • Entry of both Purchase Invoices and Credit Notes

  • Discrepancies in pricing, quantities and unexpected charges highlighted

  • Range of analysis reports

  • Automatic cost price updating in both Stock and Job Costing modules

  • List of un-invoiced goods received

  • Stock write-off of un-invoiced receipts

  • True Stock Valuation report




Price Matrix and History Key Features


  • Unlimited number of price lists can be defined

  • Modelling of new price lists based on existing price list, range of part codes or product types

  • Foreign currency price lists

  • Global price updates

  • Printing of customer price lists

  • Supplier quotes recorded, with searching for best price

  • Sales history reporting

  • Purchase history reporting




Quotation Key Features


  • Produce quotations and proforma invoices which can include notes or customer contract information

  • Analyse the conversion rates of quotations to sales orders, and the numbers that have been lost over the past 12 months

  • Entry of supplier quotations for components that are not normally stocked, but might

  • be required for this particular customer quotation

  • Build up the material lists and the times involved to get an estimate of the costs of making a product

  • Chase quotations based on a Follow Up Date

  • Use quotations to create repeat sales orders for a customer, simply by modifying the quantities and delivery dates




Traceability Key Features


  • Full batch traceability down to serial number level

  • Traceability of components used in various assemblies together with 'Recall List' showing which customers received

  • assemblies containing components from a faulty batch

  • Full breakdown of components used to manufacture a batch of items

  • Comprehensive searching functions including delivery notes, purchase orders, jobs and batch numbers

  • Input and maintenance of batch analysis data

  • Printing of batch analysis certificates


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