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Intsys UK Ltd has been providing Pegasus Cloud solutions and complimentary services for over a decade. Intsys understand the requirement to provide attuned services which reflect the nature of the Cloud. As such Intsys provide a range of services, including training, webinars and support all delivered over the Cloud.

Web Training

Cloud Consultancy

All inclusive solution
Software + Maintenance Contract + Cloud Hosting



£47per user per month*

Web training

No matter where you are


We provide our services remotely, on site or in house

Web Training



Intsys UK being a committed Pegasus Cloud provider have clients throughout the UK and globe. To accommodate our clients, Intsys provide a range of training services designed to be delivered remotely over the web.


Intsys, being a Pegasus Centre of Excellence, means that all of our trainers are Pegasus accredited and have up to 25 years of experience. So whether you are in Tooting or Timbuktu we can start unlocking the power of Pegasus Business solutions.

Remote Support

Remote Support


The support team are able to support any Pegasus installation from any location in the world. With a variety of remote access solutions we are able to dial in and remotely analyse questions and provide immediate insight.


Geographical barriers really do not exist for our user base and we have a truly international set of clients we support. You no longer have to search for local services, search for the best instead!

Cloud Consultancy

Cloud Consultancy

Consultative services are available both on site and as part of our Cloud offering. Using remote access software we are able to deploy bespoke solutions and offer consultative solutions without ever leaving our office. Whether you need BI reporting solutions, BACS/Direct Debit setup, Data repair or interface solutions, you no longer need to have a consultant on site. We will explain everything over the phone and provide detailed specifications for you to agree whilst out trained team provide solutions using the latest remote access technology.


Intsys provide a Cloud Migration service for existing Pegasus users which can all be performed remotely via the web utilising our Teamviewer Software. Prior to proceeding, Intsys will liaise with the client to identify any necessary information specific to the current installation, such as the existence of bespoke software , document designs, data location and whether there are any current operational issues. We will then interrogate the installation to verify all the information gathered.


The Pegasus Business Cloud consists of a pre-configured platform, including pre-installed Pegasus software and as such we can then, as required, create a duplication of the installation for client evaluation purposes, prior to a live migration . Our migration team will transpose all Opera data, reports, bespoke software and system settings to replicate your existing installation. Once the Pegasus Cloud is configured to the clients satisfaction we will then agree a mutually convenient date to complete the live system migration – as the system is already pre-configured, down time is minimised.


The migration team can also assist businesses who have decided to upgrade to Pegasus Business Software from other applications. This could include consultancy on best practice and if necessary data conversion services.



The complete range of Pegasus Business Software is designed so that it can be configured to satisfy the requirements of most businesses by utilising an extensive array of parameters and positions of coding. Our consultancy Team is experienced in identifying exact requirements and then utilising the flexibility of Pegasus to configured the software appropriately. Ultimately the purpose of any Business Software is to seamlessly produce management information and as such our consultants, utilising their extensive experience, will advise the client on all aspects of the software to achieve the desired result.


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