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Training Case Studies

Please find below some examples of the Pegasus Opera 3 projects we have undertaken and also a list of solutions that have been popular amongst our wide and varied customer base.

Case 1

International Haulage Firm

case studies pegasus opera 3 consultancy

Case Study: International Haulage Firm

“Just Services” Web Training Opera 3 and XRL


This client required training on several elements within the Pegasus Opera 3 accounting suite and also the associated XRL reporting application due to changes in personnel within the organisation. Their existing Pegasus Partner was not able to provide the training services required and as such the client contacted Intsys UK Ltd to satisfy their immediate training needs. 

After initially purchasing a half-day XRL intermediate training session, further subsequent sessions were scheduled as they recognised that the delivery and content of the training provided by Intsys UK Ltd met their requirement and high expectations.


As Intsys can provide specialist ad-hoc Pegasus Services, including training, it means that users can now source “Just services” from another provider without the necessity to change from their existing Pegasus Partner.


Did you know? Intsys were the first partner in the UK to be accredited in XRL and were the first partner to achieve the Pegasus Centre of Excellence marque.

case studies pegasus opera 3 consultancy
Case 2

Digital Publishing House

Case Study: Digital Publishing House

In house Opera 3 refresher training 


After a long term employee had to take a sabbatical from work the company needed to ensure that the existing finance team could fulfil the responsibilities left by the employee.
Investing in training was necessary to fill a knowledge gap which allowed the continued production of management accounts without any impact on the day to day operations.

Intsys UK Ltd tailored the training specifically to focus on all the Pegasus Opera features which were necessary to ensure quick results, for example, empowering the delegates to learn how to pay suppliers faster, send statements and understand the cashbook. 
As the training team at Intsys UK Ltd have accumulated knowledge from over a decade of hands-on consultancy and training provision, they were able to easily adapt to questions raised during the session, meaning the delegates left with an enriched experience with relevant examples. 

By tailoring every session and being able to adapt to specific user requirements, the training can be more focused, immediately relevant and potentially reduce training costs.

Did you know? Intsys training courses can be done utilising customer live data if desired rather than just demonstration data

Case 3

International Sports Nutritionists

case studies pegasus opera 3 consultancy

Case Study: International Sports Nutrition

“Just Services” Web Training XRL 


This client was unable to purchase training services for the Pegasus Opera 3 Accounting suite modules which require more specialist knowledge, including the Bill of Materials module.


Investment in the right training was paramount for this client however their current  provider did not have the necessary experience to assist them in creating the specifics related to BOM including  stock assemblies and the costing models that they desired.


They chose Intsys UK Ltd training services because it was clear from an initial telephone conversation that the Intsys team had the experience, knowledge and resource to match the criteria required. Web training was a bonus as it meant staff could collaborate on the training experience from remote locations saving cost and time for the business.

Did you know?

In 2016, all new clients who initially invested in training sessions subsequently booked further sessions – an indication of the benefits of Intsys training!

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