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Before a request


How to log a call

Logging a support call with the Intsys Support Team to ensure immediate resolution and increased efficiency

Logging a Support Call


By following this guide, you will enable us to deal with each support issue in the most efficient possible manner.

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Before making a support request

There are a number of considerations you need to take into account before contacting the support team. By including the following information (where possible) in your support call/e-mail, this will greatly reduce the time taken to assess the issue and therefore provide a quicker solution.


  • What is your name & company?

  • Which software product are you using?

  • What is the nature of your query/issue?

  • What process were you undertaking at the time of issue?

  • Is this the first occurrence of this issue or has it happened previously?

  • Is this issue happening on all machines or just one particular machine?

  • Has anything changed in your system environment i.e. a new PC/server, system/software upgrades etc.?


Note: In an e-mail situation, it is particularly useful to incorporate a screenshot of your issue where relevant.

Who should make a support request?

To ensure that the most is made of your investment in Pegasus Opera 3 Software, Intsys provide training at all levels on every Pegasus application. The support line is available to everyone in the organisation who is an experienced user or who has attended an Intsys training course – these users are identified and registered appropriately on our support database. During your “monthly support call” you will be asked if there are any new users to add to our support database.

Our response

How will we respond?

We will always endeavour to resolve your query immediately, however if this is not possible, you will receive an e-mail containing a unique helpdesk reference number with confirmation that we are looking into your issue.
If you have been sent some steps to try out and you find that you no longer have the issue, please let us know as soon as possible so we can close it in our helpdesk.If we do not receive any feedback, we will attempt to contact you for confirmation. If we still do not receive any feedback, we will have to presume that the issue has been resolved and it will therefore be closed.

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