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Pegasus Opera SE

PAYROLL, XRL & Fixed Assets

Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE

Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE is the latest edition to the Opera 3 family. Built around the solid foundation of Microsoft SQL Server, Opera 3 SQL SE gives you the familiar look and feel of the current Opera 3 product, with the power, security and reliability that a SQL Server database brings.


Open Period Accounting

Pegasus Opera 3 SE

For those familiar with Opera 3; the SQL Server Edition is similar to the existing product, meaning that there will be an easy progression for the end user from Opera 3 to Opera 3 SQL SE. 

Opera 3 SQL SE is a solution for small and medium companies, with the power to help them aim much higher. It’s designed to make managing your business simpler and dramatically more efficient.

Opera 3

NEW Document Management tool

Improve your business document and filing system with AutoFiling, the NEW Document Management System developed for use with Pegasus Opera 3 and Opera 3 SQL SE.
AutoFiling is a digital document storage system that allows users of Opera 3 the ability to scan, capture and retrieve within Opera as well as allowing internal and remote employees controlled access to view and retrieve other business files via a web browser. Instantly find what you’re looking for with SharePoint search and indexing tools. Collaboration can actually happen, anytime, from anywhere.

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Pegasus Opera 3 SE

Payroll & HR

Award-winning Opera 3 Payroll & HR has HMRC PAYE and RTI Recognition and caters for the submission of Real-Time Information and Auto Enrolment of pensions. Full of automated procedures to take the strain out of processing your payroll and help you comply with complex tax, pension and employment legislation.


Pegasus Opera 3 SE

XRL - Reporting Tool

With Pegasus XRL you have advanced intelligence working for you. And it’s not just us saying that: Pegasus XRL has won awards for its features and will revolutionise the way you view the information you need.  Pegasus XRL allows Microsoft Excel® to access live data in Opera 3 SQL SE at the click of a button, so you don’t have to copy and paste, re-key or work out formulas.


Pegasus Opera 3 SE

Payroll & HR

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Opera 3 SQL SE Payroll & HR is ideal for companies of widely varying sizes, from fewer than 10 employees right through to over 25,000 employees, it’s that powerful. Its multi-company capability, coupled with unbeatable speed of processing, means that it’s equally at home in a payroll bureau.
Opera 3 SQL SE Payroll & HR is available as a stand-alone system, or it can be integrated with the complete Opera 3 SQL SE solution which encompasses financial, supply chain management and business intelligence to deliver unbeatable inter-departmental integration and knowledge-sharing across the entire business.

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Processing your Payroll

From employee creation to payment processing, Opera 3 SQL SE Payroll & HR also caters for the submission of Real Time Information to HMRC. Fully catering for auto enrolment of pensions and goes even further, offering salary sacrifice and integration with pension providers such as NEST and NOW: Pensions, ensuring all your requirements are covered. In addition to handling all your day-to-day tasks, by harnessing e-mail technology it helps reduce your costs and administrative burden.

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Routine Tasks Simplified

Opera 3 SQL SE Payroll & HR will help you save time and reduce errors in day-to-day processing. It’ll simplify procedures such as establishing an employee’s statutory maternity pay entitlement, multiple pension schemes with variable percentage and fixed amounts, or retrospectively changing a National Insurance code with the employer or employee adjustment calculated immediately.
Statutory record-keeping and reporting is made simple with automated P32 Processing. You can record payments and funding, consolidate P32 information from multiple companies, print and edit information. You can also produce detailed or summarised P11 reports with period and tax year ranges and re-print payslips with up to 999 periods retention capabilities.

logo hmrc blue.png

Payroll highlights

-HMRC PAYE Recognition

-Submit Real Time Information (RTI) to HMRC

-Multi-user, with Company and Group password
control and menu level access restriction


-Create unlimited Companies with unlimited
employees per Company


-Weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly and monthly paid
employees can be maintained all in one company


-Links to the Nominal Ledger and Cashbook modules of Opera 3 SQL SE or can be used stand-alone

-Employee payment details and payslip images held
for up to 999 pay periods

Pegasus Opera 3 SE



Award-winning reporting tool

The most common concern for users of accounting and business software is the inability to easily extract meaningful information from their system in order to gain timely insights into the performance of their business. Award-winning Pegasus XRL is a powerful tool which links Opera 3 SQL SE with Excel, enabling you to import live financial data into a spreadsheet. With its flexibility, ease of use and advanced drilldown capabilities, Pegasus XRL delivers fast and accurate information to provide enhanced analytical power for better decision-making.

XRL without background.png

Ease of use

Pegasus XRL appears as an additional menu item in Excel. Any Excel user, regardless of their broader technical awareness, can quickly learn how to use XRL Wizards to create bespoke reports and analysis based on live Opera 3 SQL SE data, often with just a few clicks of the mouse. Management can therefore view and manipulate complex business reports in a familiar spreadsheet format. The XRL Wizards will help you create reports by extracting the data into Excel. Simply select the Company which you want to extract data for, identify the area of the system you are interested in (such as Sales, Stock, Payroll, Suppliers) and choose the fields. Plus, it’s all written in simple English so that you don’t have to work with technical jargon. Getting your company’s data into Excel will take seconds!

xrl support blue.png

Reporting power

Not having to enter information into a spreadsheet gives you more time to produce detailed analysis. With Pegasus XRL you can create links between the data in Opera 3 SQL SE and cells in a spreadsheet, so that you can design Management Reports such as Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets in Excel to present up-to-date, accurate information based on the live data within Opera 3 SQL SE. Producing Management Reports with Pegasus XRL is quick and easy, while further reporting power is provided by multidimensional analysis tools such as Cube Analysis and shortcuts to Excel Pivot Tables.

Pegasus Opera 3 SE


Immediate access to accurate financial information is key to managing a business profitably by supporting the decision-making process. With Opera 3 SQL SE you can continually track both your revenue and your costs so that you have immediate visibility of your cashflow. Added to this, in-depth financial reporting and integration with MS Excel® make Opera 3 SQL SE a system that delivers real cost benefits to your business.

Pegasus Opera 3 SE

Supply Chain Management

Integrate sales orders, purchasing and stock with the relevant financial information, and automate the delivery of your customers’ orders. Opera 3 SQL SE gives you the power to keep a close eye on your purchase orders, respond to demand for products and monitor pricing. Responding quickly and efficiently to customer demand makes Opera 3 SQL SE a powerful tool for retaining customer loyalty and increasing levels of customer satisfaction.


Pegasus Opera 3 SE


Sales Ledger

With the Opera 3 SQL SE Sales Ledger you can email statements, copies of invoices and debtors’ letters. You can view your sales information in a way that’s meaningful to you, as Opera 3 SQL SE offers Views that you can customise. And of course, it caters for multiple currencies and handles all your customer profiles and trading terms, as well as invoices, credit notes, receipts, refunds and adjustments. The Opera 3 SQL SE Sales Ledger allows you to report on Aged Debtors now or at a date in the past, and it makes revenue forecasting easy with automatic calculation of average debtor days for both individual customers and your entire company.

Purchase Ledger

With Opera 3 SQL SE, all your supplier transactions are thoroughly and securely managed from start to finish. Your cashflow is automated and improved with comprehensive BACS and cheque payment routines, email remittances (individual or batched), and the calculation of average creditor days. The Purchase Ledger gives you dynamic access to purchase information across multiple periods together with Aged Creditors reporting, now or at a date in the past. Late Payment Reporting is also built in for those that are required to publish their payment practices and performance. 

Nominal Ledger

The Nominal Ledger includes analysis of Account, Type, Sub-type and Cost Centre plus two further userdefinable levels as standard, giving you access and indepth analysis at transaction level for the past 9 years. Open Period Accounting offers a financial calendar for the current, previous and up to 3 future financial years with each year having up to 24 periods, which can be open, closed or blocked. Integration across Opera 3 SQL SE means that you can get in-depth management information and reports for precise financial analysis. You can apply budgets at four analysis levels, for current or future periods and years, with full percentage variance analysis and reporting. What’s more, even mis-posted nominal journals can be reversed and rectified quickly and accurately.

Credit Management Centre

Streamline your credit control processes to reduce bad debts and increase cashflow. The Credit Management Centre integrates with the Sales Ledger and provides a series of key dashboard views for effective credit control, as well as the tools you need to manage customer debt. From diary reminders and Promise To Pay By dates to detailed notes against customers and invoices, the Credit Management Centre is a one-stop shop for all your credit control needs. And with Debt Management built in, you have sophisticated and flexible debt correspondence for use when customers fail to adhere to their agreed terms. With Debt Management, you can create up to nine levels of debtor letters and email covers, generic or customised, which can then be emailed or posted, individually or in bulk.



Set up any number of bank and petty cash accounts, retrieve payments and refunds from the Sales and Purchase Ledgers, set up standing orders, direct debits and other recurring bank transactions, and reconcile these to your bank statements. All in one place. The Cashbook provides constant and up-to-date information on all your bank accounts for flexible financial analysis. You also have the option to have foreign currency bank accounts where balances are held and transactions posted in currency.

credit management icon.png


Track job costs and revenues against budgets, breaking costs down even further against a variety of categories including Labour, Contractor, Direct Expense, Stock and Interim Billing. Jobs can be grouped under contract headings and costs can be posted and recorded against job phases, therefore ensuring you are always in complete control of your costs. Timesheets raised for work on jobs can easily be recorded and transferred to Payroll for further processing. 

Multi Currency

The Multi-Currency application in Opera 3 SQL SE handles unlimited currencies, exchange rates per transaction type and the calculation and recording of exchange rate fluctuations. Make SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) compliant euro electronic payments, and record BIC and IBAN against supplier, customer and bank account records.

VAT 100 Online filling

The Online Filing Manager supports the online submission of the VAT100 Return and is recognised by HMRC, helping you to submit your VAT100 Return quickly, securely and accurately.


With the EC VAT application, Opera 3 SQL SE makes short work of defining and maintaining the information you need to produce EC Sales Lists (ESL) and Supplementary Declarations (SD). The EC Sales List report generates an XML upload file for submission via the HMRC website. And if you’re using foreign currency accounts, EC VAT can generate the appropriate VAT rate codes for EC sales and purchases and will then collect the information needed to produce the returns for trading with EU countries.

Sales Order Processing

The Sales Order Processing application in Opera 3 SQL SE doesn’t just generate sales documents; it also checks for customers' special price lists, discounts and credit limits. It provides back-to-back order processing with Purchase Order Processing and part-progression of documents in the sales cycle. It offers batch processing of documents with the ability to email all documents within the sales cycle, to help you save both time and money. It also offers Repeat Invoicing functionality which is typically used to create monthly invoices against ongoing contracts. Sales Order Processing in Opera 3 SQL SE also offers a Global Price Changes utility, making it easy to maintain pricing information.

Purchase Order Processing

Opera 3 SQL SE simply and swiftly generates all documents for the entire purchase process from start to finish. Purchase documents give greater control over the organisation of purchase orders in your business. Multiple supplier documents can be optimised to create a single document for progression to a purchase order. Matching receipts and supplier invoices back to the purchase order gives you total control over stock, pricing and financial management. The Supplier Product File links stock items to supplier records, remembering supplier references, cost prices, economic order quantities and lead times, so you don’t have to.

Stock Control

Sophisticated stock management is fully integrated to both the supply chain and financials. Stock Control in Opera 3 SQL SE caters for various costing methods and multiple warehouses. It allows you to apply different cost and selling prices, with minimum stock and re-order levels for each warehouse, meaning you can arrange your stockholding exactly how you like. Opera 3 SQL SE offers landed costs functionality so that you can add freight, import duty, insurance, warehousing etc to your stock costs. Stock Control offers a Global Price Changes utility which makes it really easy to maintain pricing information for stock items. GRN and RTV processing comes as standard and provides a controlled and traceable process of receipting or returning stock, and you can also create Quarantine warehouses. 

Pegasus Opera 3 SE

Supply Chain Management

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