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Pegasus CIS 5

Complete control over all aspects of contracts management, from costing and timesheets to payment applications


Pegasus CIS 5

Pegasus CIS 5 is a complete rewrite of the Pegasus Construction Industry Solutions product that was first release in 2005 which has over 2000 users. Rewritten using the latest technologies, Pegasus CIS 5 delivers added power, security, reliability and a host of new features and functionality.

With more than 100 new enhancements Pegasus CIS 5 is the future.


New technology, new look and feel, new functionality, a new future. An investment in Pegasus CIS 5 will protect your business as you move into the future. The design of Pegasus CIS 5 follows Microsoft best practice for modern client server applications and the technology on which it is built means that you are investing in a solution that will continually deliver intelligent additions to its functionality.

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Unrivalled User Interface

A totally new user interface that provides

Unequalled on-screen information retrieval capabilities.

  • Screen layouts customisable by the user (employing drag and drop technology).

  • Multiple Tabs, like a web browser, so people can work in different modules at the same time.

  • Powerful and easy to use List View creation.

  • One-click integration with Microsoft Word® and Excel®.

  • Multiple Windows are available on the forms such as Customers, Suppliers and Subcontractors so that people can display different types of information such as the base details, transactions and documents etc.

Pegasus CIS 5 covers all the requirements of contract costing. HMRC compliant

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Contract Costing

Job heads
Cost and revenue 
Committed costs
Actual/budget variance
CVR reporting

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Contract Purchasing

Bill of requirements
Purchase orders
Goods received notes
Invoice register
Committed costs

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Contract Sales

Payment applications and certificates
Aged debt
Contractor discount
Deferred VAT

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Plant Hire

Internal and external plant hire
On hire/off hire
Plant returns
Overdue plant
Transfers between jobs

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Linked Integration

Pegasus CIS 5 integrates with Opera 3 SQL SE and VFP Financials and Payroll applications


Stock Control

Integration between Stock and Contract Purchasing allows stock to be ordered from suppliers against contracts. Stock can be Allocated, Reserved and Issued to a contract


CIS Subcontractors

Online verification
Subcontractor orders

Reverse Charge VAT
Payment certificates and statements
Online CIS300 return
Self billing
Authenticated VAT receipts

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Employees and pay rates are entered in Opera Payroll and are accessible to Pegasus CIS so that timesheets can be processed. They are posted to the individual jobs, as well as to the Payroll to allow easy payslip creation

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XRL links Pegasus CIS 5 to Microsoft Excelso you you can delve deeper into your data and share spreadsheets easily throughout your business.

You can also design custom made Dashboards to suit your business.

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Document Management

Electronically store files against individual contracts.
Reduce admin costs
Save time

Enhance security
Improve environmental credentials
Eliminate document loss


The Subcontractors module can also be used as a standalone solution by contractors who only need to control their subcontractors more efficiently and ensure that they adhere to HMRC rules for the Construction Industry Scheme.

HMRC Industry Scheme

Pegasus CIS can verify subcontractors online with a simple click: CIS will connect to the HMRC web and retrieve a subcontractor’s tax status and verification code quickly and easily. The system keeps track of all payments made to subcontractors, the material element of those payments and the tax deducted. This information is used to generate the CIS300 Monthly Return electronically.

Domestic Reverse Charge

Pegasus CIS is fully compliant with these rules. The provision of standard or reduced-rate building services is not invoiced in the normal way. The main contractor would account for the VAT on the services of any subcontractor and will have to pay the VAT due to HMRC instead of paying it to the subcontractor

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Cloud ready

Pegasus CIS 5 is Cloud-ready

Fully supported in our Pegasus Cloud to provide access to project information from anywhere in the world that has internet access. Easy integration with third-party applications and local hardware.

Pegasus Software Specialists

Intsys is an award-winning Pegasus Centre of Excellence,  fully accredited in Pegasus CIS that provide Support, Training and Consultancy services for this dynamic construction and contract management software.

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