Pegasus Opera 3

Opera 3 is a complete business solution: it can be fully integrated throughout your organisation, eliminating the need to run separate finance, payroll, CRM or service systems.

Open Period Accounting

Pegasus Opera 3

Offering unbeatable inter-departmental integration and knowledge sharing, Opera 3 can give everyone in your company a unified view of the business. It is easy to learn and to use. Even your mobile workforce can be constantly in the loop via web browser applications, PDAs and other remote tools such as the Pegasus Web Xchange.


Pegasus Opera 3 accounting software is a modular solution – you can buy what you need, when you need it, and expand the solution as your business grows.With Opera 3 it’s all about choice. You can purchase it to own, opt for subscription of a term licence, run the software on-premise or have it hosted in the cloud.


Opera 3 Modules





The analysis of your cash flow that Opera 3 delivers is invaluable to your profit generation



Service & Helpdesk

Take control of your after-sales process and keep track of service contracts



Supply Chain Management


Know your stock availability to the unit. Free your team from time-consuming order fulfilment tasks.



Document Management

PDM captures all your business documents and stores them securely and electronically, for instant access



Payroll & HR


Opera 3 Payroll HMRC Accredited ensuring functionality is always current.



Business Inteligence

Turn Knowledge into decision-making power.

All the information at a glance





With Opera 3 CRM you can make the most of every opportunity and manage your on-going relationships.



Fully Integration with CIS


CIS is an application for Construction companies that covers all the requirements of contract costing



With the Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers, you’ll have all the core financial information you need at your fingertips. The Credit Management Centre will help you streamline your credit control. Open Period Accounting gives you full flexibility within the Nominal Ledger. And, with many key processes automated, you’re free to focus on improving cash flow and serving your customers.



Keep track of your assets from acquisition to disposal, so you know their depreciation rates and correct net book value throughout their lifecycle. All types of assets are covered, including lease and hire purchase assets.



Opera 3 makes short work of defining and maintaining the information you need to produce EC Sales Lists (ESL) and Supplementary Declarations (SD). The EC Sales List report generates an XML upload file for submission via the HMRC website.



Through Cashbook, Opera 3 is able to integrate your cash management with other financial applications, including bank reconciliation. 


Opera 3 is fluent in handling unlimited currencies and exchange rates per transaction type, and in calculating and recording exchange rate differences. 

Open Period Accounting



The Opera 3 Online Filing Manager supports the online submission of the VAT100 Return and is recognised by HMRC, helping you to submit your VAT100 Return quickly, securely and accurately.



Track job costs and revenues against budgets: costs are broken down to a variety of categories so you can see where efficiency could be improved. 


The analysis of your cash flow that Opera 3 delivers is invaluable to your profit generation. Gain control and optimise efficiency with Opera 3. Designed for businesses of every size, this software will become the lifeblood of your business, covering all the financial essentials and empowering you with invaluable reports.




Opera 3 generate all documents for the purchase order process from start to finish. These can be consolidated to create a single document for progression to purchase order. And because receipts and supplier invoices are matched back to the purchase order, you have control of stock and an audit trail.



The Bill of Materials in Opera 3 caters for both simple and complex assembly structures and provides fast, accurate manufacturing information such as work in progress, assembly structure detail, batch/serial item location and assembly cost reports.



Opera 3 does more than generate sales documents; it goes deeper, checking for special price lists, discounts and credit limits. And to speed up the process, it offers batch processing of documents with the ability to e-mail all the details, as well as a Repeat Invoice facility to save time and money. There’s also a built-in Global Price Changes utility, so it’s easy to maintain pricing information.



Opera 3 makes short work of defining and maintaining the information you need to produce EC Sales Lists (ESL) and Supplementary Declarations (SD). The EC Sales List report generates an XML upload file for submission via the HMRC website.



Multiple warehouses? Different costing methods? Opera 3 allows you to apply different cost and selling prices, with minimum stock and re-order levels for each warehouse. Other features include:• The Stocktake application, to help maintain accurate stock levels• GRN and RTV processing as standard• The ability to create Quarantine warehouses to hold goods before they are moved into stock

Supply Chain Management

Respond to demand in seconds. Know your stock availability to the unit. Free your team from time-consuming order fulfilment tasks.

Supply Chain Management

Add Control of your Spend to Opera 3/SE

Whatever you buy,  our Purchase Management Solution which integrates Zahara and Pegasus Opera 3, makes the buying process better. Purchase requests can be pre-approved & budgets can control spend. Dashboards give you a visual on what’s on order, what’s delivered and what’s waiting for approval. You can record supplier invoices & save the PDF’s. You can match invoices to PO’s and then import transactions into your accounts system. It’s fast to setup and fast to learn. Your employees will find it intuitive and helpful and Intsys has now integrated it with Opera 3 and Oper SQL SE.

From employee creation to payment processing and Real Time Information (RTI) submissions, Opera 3 Payroll & HR is the solution you can rely on for worry-free processing, compliant with all the latest legislative changes. Opera 3 Payroll caters fully for the submission of RTI to HMRC, including the Full Payment Submissions (FPS) required for each pay period. All RTI submission files adhere to HMRC specifications.Opera 3 Payroll with also handle your Auto Enrolment of Pensions requirements, from categorising your workers and auto enrolling them to managing employer and employee contributions and handling opt-ins and opt-outs. In addition, if you decide to use NEST (National Employment Savings Trust) as your pension provider as part of your auto enrolment duties, Pegasus NEST Integration works with Opera 3 Payroll and allows you to create enrolment information and contribution files that can be uploaded to NEST.



However large your organisation, Opera 3 has the power and flexibility you need. With multi-company capability and fast processing, it can handle the toughest payroll challenges.



Detailed, accurate and up-to-date information is a key part of running a successful HR team. Opera 3 Personnel brings everything together including recruitment, retention, training, disciplinary actions, absenteeism, job changes and salary updates.

Payroll & HR


Payroll & HR

Automate invoices

If you spend too much time keying your invoices, there is a case for automation. No matter if you receive invoices by email or posted, our Purchase Solution includes a clever application for the scanning and recognition of your supplier invoices. It is quick to install and with artificial intelligence to self-learning from your corrections. In no time at all, your key supplier invoices will be loading and exporting hands-free into your software, ready for approval.


CRM Customer Relationship Management

With Opera 3 CRM you can make the most of every opportunity and manage your on-going relationships.



Capitalise on your opportunities, capture key information, manage relationships and report on profitability. Opera 3 helps you make sense of the entire sales cycle – from prospect to customer.



CRM Remote allows you to manage prospects and customer activities on the move. Your sales team can selectively download data to their laptops, work remotely, and then synchronise the updated records with the office via the internet.



At-a-glance reports enable you to see your sales pipeline and its value, broken down by owner, contact, referral method, sales type and area.

Customer Relationship Management

Service & Helpdesk Management

An effective after-sales process is an essential part of gaining repeat business and keeping your customers happy.Together with CRM, the Service & Helpdesk Management application helps you track calls and activities throughout the sales cycle, from order, delivery, installation and billing to contract maintenance and servicing.



Activities such as planning maintenance and Helpdesk calls can be logged against contracts and equipment, so a full history is compiled and stored for easy access when needed. You’ll also benefit from a central site from recording information such as issues, maintenance and installation.



Built-in Service Contracts Processing allows you to keep a full record of all agreements; it can cover multiple pieces of equipment and associated calls, visits and activities. And with flexible billing routines, it’s easy to invoice quickly as and when you choose.


Document Management

Document Management captures all your essential business documents and stores them securely and electronically, for instant access. Documents can be indexed at transactional level or at account level, and could be anything relating to your customers, suppliers, employees, and stock items such as: purchase orders, invoices, timesheets, contracts, delivery notes or general correspondence. These stored documents can be easily access via user-friendly retrieval software.



For added ease of use, documents can be captured and indexed individually, in batches or by barcode. It all helps cut down time spent rifling through filing cabinets, saves physical space on storage and means you’re doing your bit for the environment too.



Share the key benefits of Document Management with everyone in the office: Document Management Desktop offers Document Management functionality to non-users of Opera 3, with electronic document capture and easy retrieval of scanned documents.

Document Management

Business Intelligence

Make informed decisions. Spot new opportunities. And build your business with confidence. Business Intelligence will transform the way you view your business.


Pegasus XRL gives you easy access to the information in Opera 3, enabling you to analyse, manipulate and report data using the Excel interface. Any reports you create can be saved for the future use and will refresh at the click of a button to provide the most up-to-date information.



With Pegasus Instant Messenger, you’ll receive pop-up desktop alerts and e-mails updating you with the latest information from within Opera 3. You choose what’s included in the messages, who received them and how often they arrive.


Fully integration with Pegasus CIS

Pegasus CIS is an application for Construction companies and Subcontractors that covers all the requirements of contract costing: handling all the revenue and costs associated with running a contract, controlling materials, purchase orders and purchase invoices, through to the regulatory requirements of HMRC's Construction Industry Scheme. Fully integrated into Opera 3 and Opera 3 payroll, Pegasus CIS truly transforms a company's ability to profitably manage contracts.


Pegasus CIS provides complete control over all aspects of contracts management, from costing and timesheets through to payment applications, VAT invoicing and cash receipt matching. Fully integrated to the Opera 3 Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers, Cashbook and Payroll, Pegasus CIS conforms to the requirements and regulations of HMRC's Construction Industry Scheme.


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