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Upgrade to Opera SE and enjoy the additional power, security and reliability that SQL brings. Available in the Cloud.

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Pegasus Consultancy

Case Studies

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1. Warehouse

Efficiently integrate Opera 3/SE with warehouse systems for streamlined and synchronised operations, enhancing overall productivity.

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2. E-Commerce

Automatically import online store orders into Opera 3/SE, ensuring seamless integration for streamlined -commerce operations

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3. EDI

Automate document interchange with clients and suppliers, integrating EDI seamlessly into Opera 3/SE for efficient handling orders, invoices and credits.

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4. Withholding Tax

Customise tax deductions in Opera 3/SE to adapt seamlessly to diverse countries' tax requirements, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

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1.Warehouse Management

Case Study: International Food Distributor/Wholesaler

Challenge: Link the Pegasus Supply Chain Management with Chess Warehouse management system

The challenges with this project were mainly centred around the fact that the live system was in use 24 hours a day which meant live testing was almost impossible.

Working closely with a third party reseller and the client, the consultancy team managed to construct a bespoke enhancement that moved the information from the warehouse system seamlessly through to Pegasus SOP without impacting the sales processing teams.

We have also integrated other WMS systems like Accord or MJM with Opera 3 and Opera SE

Warehouse MS
Warehouse management

2. E-commerce

Case Study: International Hygiene System Producer

Challenge: Link the Pegasus Supply Chain Management with Swiftcloud Website

At Intsys, we had the privilege of working with a leading player in the international hygiene system manufacturing industry. Our client envisioned a seamless and efficient way for their clients to make direct purchases through an eCommerce platform. The goal was to enhance the overall customer experience and streamline order processing.

Although the eCommerce site itself was provided by SwiftCloud, our expertise came into play in creating a bespoke interface for integration. Working closely with SwiftCloud, Intsys designed and implemented a bespoke integration solution. This interface automated the import of all orders placed on the eCommerce platform directly into Opera 3 SOP, eliminating manual intervention.

Clients could now enjoy the convenience of online purchasing through the SwiftCloud-powered eCommerce platform, while our tailored integration ensured that all order data seamlessly flowed into the Opera 3 SOP system.

We have also integrated other E-commerce sites with integration tools that import the data from Azure SQL Databases. We also provide a B2B off the shelf ordering website fully integrated with Opera SOP/Stock.

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E-commerce case study
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3. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Case Study: Global Consumer Goods Distributor

Challenge: Link the Pegasus Supply Chain Management with their client systems via EDI

(EDI) is the Electronic Interchange of business information using a standardised format; a process which allows one company to send information to another company electronically.


At Intsys, we collaborated with a prominent consumer goods distributor facing the challenge of efficiently managing orders, invoices, and credits from big clients with a network of branches nationwide. The traditional manual process of handling these transactions led to delays, errors, and increased operational costs. 

The biggest challenge was to adapt the format requirements to the fields available in Opera. Once this was resolved we created an interface tool that connects periodically to their SFTP site and interchange orders, invoices and credits automatically with the client's software.

By implementing EDI integrations, we facilitated the automated exchange of orders, invoices, and credits which significantly reduced processing times, ensuring that orders were swiftly transmitted from clients branches directly into our clients Opera SOP. This not only enhanced operational efficiency but also substantially reduced the likelihood of errors associated with manual data entry. 


Real-time updates on order statuses, invoices, and credits provided clients with greater visibility into their transactions, contributing to a more transparent and trustworthy business relationship. The nationwide consistency achieved through EDI integration positioned our client as an industry leader committed to delivering efficient and reliable services.

4. Withholding tax

Case Study: African Mining and Project installation Companies

Challenge: Dealing with Government Withholding Tax

At Intsys, we were entrusted with a complex task by several UK companies expanding their operations into Africa. These companies sought to maintain continuity in their financial processes by continuing to use Opera for their accountis. However, a significant hurdle emerged as the standard UK accounting practices did not cater to the specific tax requirements of various African countries, including the imposition of withholding tax.


Our Consultancy team rose to the challenge and crafted a versatile solution that addressed the unique tax challenges faced by our clients across Africa. The solution enabled the incorporation of specific VAT transactions that adhered to the distinct tax regulations of countries such as Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania. This bespoke solution not only ensured compliance with the local tax requirements but also maintained the integrity and familiarity of the Opera accounting package for our clients..


The solution has been instrumental in streamlining financial processes, ensuring compliance, and fostering successful business operations for our clients as they establish and manage branches across the diverse regulatory environments of Africa.

We've developed additional customised solutions to assist companies with branches in different countries in seamlessly utilising Opera and facilitating smooth consolidation with their parent company in the UK.

Withholding tax
EDI case study

Do you need a bespoke integration?

Whether you aim to integrate your Opera 3/SE software with third-party software/hardware or require a customised solution to enhance efficiency, we're here to assist you. Schedule a call with one of our Software Specialists, and we'll evaluate your primary challenges, offering guidance on the most suitable solutions for your needs.

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