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Consultancy Case Studies

Please find below some examples of the Pegasus Opera 3 projects we have undertaken and also a list of solutions that have been popular amongst our wide and varied customer base.

Case 1
case studies pegasus opera 3 consultancy

Chess Warehouse

Case Study: International Food Distributor/Wholesaler

Challenge: Link the Pegasus Supply Chain Management with Chess Warehouse management system (Pegasus Opera 3 Consultancy)


The challenges with this project were mainly centred around the fact that the live system was in use 24 hours a day which meant live testing was almost impossible.


Working closely with a third party reseller and the client, the consultancy team managed to construct a bespoke enhancement that moved the information from the warehouse system seamlessly through to Pegasus SOP without impacting the sales processing teams.

case studies pegasus opera 3 consultancy
Case 2

Case Study: International Technology Company

Challenge: Import all sales generated via the external web portal into Pegasus Opera 3 sorted by department and customer groups. (Pegasus Opera 3 Consultancy)


The client here had information in a variety of formats that were not ideally suited for electronic upload.


Creating unique nominal coding structures, via some creative thinking, allowed us to map the two systems appropriately and then create a seamless data interchange tool capable of collecting information stored in multiple locations across multiple countries.

Website integration

Case 3
case studies pegasus opera 3 consultancy

Government withholding tax

Case Study: African Mining and Project installation Companies

Challenge: Dealing with Government Withholding Tax (Pegasus Opera 3 Consultancy)


In this case we had a number of UK companies opening manufacturing bases across Africa. The customers wanted to keep using Opera but being a UK accounting package it was not possible to create the necessary VAT transactions unique to African countries where the Government apply extra taxation on non African companies.


We manage to create a solution so versatile it has been used in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania. 

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