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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Intsys are specialists in Pegasus Business Software Software, which includes Opera 3, CIS and XRL.Intsys also provide associated Support, Consultancy and training services – to assist our clients we have included many of queries accumulated within our FAQ section.

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What is the difference between Opera II and Opera 3?


Pegasus Opera 3 accounting software is the latest version of the Pegasus Opera product. It is now available and all new users will be using Opera 3 not Opera II. Existing customers of Opera II can schedule upgrades to Opera 3 via Intsys UK Ltd. 


What is a Pegasus AMC (Annual maintenance Contract)?


The Annual Maintenance Contract is your licence to use the Pegasus Opera product. It also provides you with free of charge product upgrades and ensures that you are supported for any legislation and/or Government changes required to the product. It is payable annually.


What is the Pegasus Telephone Support Agreement?


This is your Telephone Support Agreement with Intsys UK Ltd which allows your acredited users to contact Intsys UK Ltd with any operational queries relating to the product between 9-5:30pm weekdays.


How do I know when my agreements are due to expire?


A member of the Intsys UK Ltd team will contact you three months before your expiration date to offer you the chance to renew.


I am not currently with Intsys UK Ltd but would like to switch from my current reseller?


Moving reseller is quick and simple. This will be managed fully by Intsys UK Ltd on your behalf and we will even assist with any administrative costs relating to the move.


How do I know if Opera 3 accounting software is the right product for my business?


One of the Opera 3 Training and Consultancy team will be happy to demonstrate the product on-site for you free of charge and show you all the available options.


Can I trade in my existing software for Opera 3?


A trade in discount on your current solution is available and you could save 25% on the Opera 3 RSP. Terms and conditions apply. 


Is Opera 3 accounting software compliant with the HMRC payroll standards?


Yes. Opera 3 is compliant with the HMRC full Payroll and Pensioner Payroll Standard and has been for the last 6 years. Opera 3 is also certified by the Chartered Institute for Taxation.


Does Pegasus Opera 3 work on Windows 8?


Pegasus Opera 3 is fully supported on Windows 8 - on 32 and 64-bit environments.


Is Pegasus Opera 3 compatible with Microsoft Office 2013?


Yes. Opera 3 is fully compatible with Microsoft Office 2013.


Can Pegasus Opera 3 e-mail invoices?


Opera 3 can send all standard reports by e-mail. This includes Statements, Pro-Formas, Invoices, Credit Notes, Delivery Notes, Remittances, Orders, Trial Balance and many more.


Since the versioon 2.21 Opera 3 can also send email payslips


What is Pegasus Dashboards?


Pegasus Dashboards is a reporting tool which uses Opera 3 data to give real time reports accessible via a secure web connection.


Can I post a reversing journal?


There are 4 different types of journal that you can post on the Nominal Ledger – Standard, Reversing, Retained & Recurring.


Can I change the transaction limit in XRL?


The default transaction limit in XRL is 20,000, however this can be edited within the Profiles section within the XRL setup control panel.

(Start=> Programs=> XRL=> Setup=> Profiles=> Edit=> Options).


Does Opera 3 and XRL integrate with the construction software Pegasus CIS


Pegasus CIS is Fully integrated to the Opera 3 Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers, Cashbook and Payroll, Pegasus CIS conforms to the requirements and regulations of HMRC's Construction Industry Scheme.


Pegasus XRL integrates with Pegasus CIS, allowing you to access the live data directly. Any data stored in Pegasus CIS can be dynamically interrogated in Excel. Analyse and report on all aspects of your Contracts, Jobs, Sales, Labour and Stock for greater control of expenditure and profitability of contracts.



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