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Integrated Multiplatform

Support Portal

A further component designed to ensure our support clients get quick and easy access to our support team.


Benefits of the Support Portal to you


The new system creates a new support incident automatically and tracks all associated communications - greater efficiency ensures that your issues are resolved more effectively.


Each issue and associated solution is automatically retained in an easily accessible knowledge database. 
This self-perpetuating database not only provides shared knowledge for our support team but is also immediately available as a resource for you 24/7.


The Time Management utility provides a complete timeline of all issues. This allows us to prioritise issues and ensure that they are resolved in good time.  We won't spend any time managing emails, or rewriting answers for recurrent issues which will allow us to respond to your queries faster than ever. 


The New Ticketing system is multiplatform to adapt to your needs. No matter what communicate mode you use, as all means are integrated, you will be able to see all your issues  within the  Support Portal> Activities area.


New Ticketing System

We have implemented a new Ticketing System that integrates all the communication channels in one.

Why? In 2017 alone Intsys resolved more than1000 issues and created 450 help articles. This information is now an extremely valuable source of knowledge for us and for our clients. 
In our new multiplatform system, all communication channels are connected. This means that conversations are seamless, agents are more productive, issues are automatically recorded, response is quicker than ever and any information can be shared across the system.

Does this affect existing users?

This is the best part - you don't have to do anything!
Continue to report your incidents via email, phone, portal or chat as usual. The system will then automatically create a unique ticket number and any update will not only be sent to your email but also recorded in your Support Portal. If you have also registered to use the Support Portal you then will have access to a complete history of all your issues and a wealth of information within the knowledge database.


Automated Time Management system to ensure that all the issues are resolved in time.


Every issue will be recorded allowing us to create advanced reports and create Help Guides on the issues that are more important for our clients


Users will be able to find quickly an old issue, document or report using the activities search tool


The system will generate automatic surveys to allow us to know what you think and continue to improve our service.

How to submit a ticket?

Log in the Support Portal at

Click on Create a ticket

Enter the subject. The system will suggest related issues that have been already resolved for other clients. 

If your issue has not yet been resolved, enter your message and a member of the Support Team will come back to you shortly.

Any doubt? Watch this 2 minute video.

Think of the future with our clients in mind

Different customers have different needs and preferences. Some clients prefer email, others may prefer or require self help for example if they are in another part of the world working at different hours and therefore may need to find the information themselves.
Sometimes it depends on the kind of day you're having. Our Multichannel  System delivers the flexibility to cater to every customer and adapt to your needs.

I have a quick question, but I don't have a ton of time


For quick questions, you can use our support chat or drop us an email. A member of the team will answer your query or log a ticket if further investigation is required.  You can see the status of your query on the support portal at any time.

Do you have a Support issue?
Intsys Support Clients

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Interested in Support?
Try us. Log a free ticket.
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