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For businesses and public institutions

A Single, Easy to Implement

Email Archiving Solution


£3.50 pu/pm*

*Applies to 1000+ users


Regulatory organisations and governmental agencies have established strict requirements for email retention, as well as its accessibility and security. To comply, organisations must establish archiving systems that adequately preserve and protect emails, and that ensure their contents can be retrieved—unaltered in any way—and within a reasonable amount of time.

Data storage

UNLIMITED SPACE to store all your emails.

Messages are automatically archived as soon as they are received, thus users can clean up their mailboxes without the worry of losing important information.

Your server storage requirements can be greatly reduced and smaller mailbox quotas can be implemented improving your server performance and reducing backup and restoration downtime.

Why archiving

Email archiving will not only help you protect your organization in the event of any future litigation, eDiscovery request or Right to Know inquiry, they will also give you peace of mind knowing your emails are safe, secure and easily searchable.

Why should I use Email Archiving?


Litigation discovery is the process in which parties involved in a lawsuit are requested by the court of law to submit information which is relevant to the case.

EARLY ASSESSMENT– Decision makers may need to conduct an early case assessment to evaluate the risk they face in the event of legal proceedings.



LEGAL HOLDS – Litigation holds involve retaining all relevant content when the company suspects that litigation might be impending. Archiving is the best practice in enabling legal holds.


eDiscovery – In the event of an audit or a civil/criminal legal case you may be required to provide electronic documents, including emails as evidence. An archiving system that can index, store, enable, and export a search of relevant content could be vital.

Business Continuity and Disaster recovery

Companies often have valuable information accumulating in their email inboxes, however, space is limited and on many occasions, employees delete important information.

With email archiving, you don't have to worry because employees can have access to their entire email history.  Archiving is more than a simple backup,  it is an invaluable tool for keeping the content of email messages intact and unaltered, in a secure environment where it can be quickly accessed at a later date via the search tool. Place this power into the hands of the end users and improve employees and IT department productivity.

Easy to Implement

Our email archiving solution is compatible with any email server,

no matter if it’s hosted yourself or outsourced to a 3rd party. 

Implementation in 3 simple steps:

   1. Fill the form with the email addresses

   2. We create the archiver accounts

   3. Your IT Team has to Setup Exchange Journaling and create the          Fetcher in the Archvier



Cloud based

Cloud-Based Technology

The Cloud deployment provides the most cost-effective, reliable and scalable solution.

Designed to deliver intuitive search interface for the most advanced eDiscovery capabilities.

Our cloud infrastructure provides 99.999999999% durability and up to 99.99% availability of data. 

Easy, Intuitive and powerful search

Find any or all the emails using easy, intuitive and powerful search, even typos or misspellings are covered by fuzzy logic. Search capabilities include locating messages containing specific attributes (including metadata) instead of trying to remember where an email was stored or what its subject was.

Scheduled searches

Save searches you wish to run on a regular basis. The solution has the ability to perform searches automatically. A summary email will be sent to you nightly with the number of results and a link to view the results. Schedule searches can also place a legal hold or tag on any email which meets the search criteria.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery are essential features of any solution. A solution that has valuable data needs to have multiple layers of protection. Email archiving is a long-term, cost-effective and highly secure storage solution available for fully managed cloud-based disaster recovery and scalability of your appliance.

Complete redundancy which is fast, reliable and secure. Replicate all data on the cloud using efficient bandwidth usage and minimal storage footprint using our de-duplicated data technology.  

Messaging intelligence

Messaging Intelligence

Visualization tool that provides insights into your organization's communications. The solution captures, analyses and manages email flow from all of your organization's communication sources.

Staff Handover Reports

The handover report enables clear and simple transition of accounts when someone is leaving a role that interacts with customers, partners and internal colleagues. The report allows sales and partner management to see the strongest relationships, the last time they interacted with clients and partners and ensure that opportunities and projects don't get lost in the re-assignment of those accounts to a new person to manage.

Social Media

Social Media Archiving

Crawl, capture and archive any changes, edits, updates and deletions. Either to text, images or video, using a social media API.


Website Archiving

Capture every web page on your website in a fully browsable, searchable and payable archive.

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