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Opera 3 Invoice Automation

Your helping hand for invoice entry in Pegasus Opera 3

1. Email your invoices

Forward your supplier emails with invoices to the application. Data is automatically extracted, deciphered, and displayed in the new Invoices list within Opera 3.

If you receive multiple invoices within the same PDF  the system will automatically split this into different lines.

Autoinvoicing 1.png
email invoces
Autoinvoicing 2.png

2. Review and Post

You don't need to key in. Once in Opera, you only have to review the invoice details and post them. You can post individually or in batches, and you can also decide if they are posted directly to the Purchase Ledger or to PIR.

invoice match

3. PDF documents attached

The PDF files are saved and linked to each transaction in the Purchase Ledger for easy retrieval. You just have to click on Action>View PDF and the document will open in your PDF reader.

Autoinvoicing 3.png
check invoice

How it works:

zahara email approval.png
Zahara logo.png

Would you like to add Worfklow approvals and Budget control?

With our Zahara-Opera Procurement Solution, you can raise orders and carry out invoice approvals by email, create automatic invoice approval triggers as well as automate invoice processing, and matching them with orders. You can also assign and control department and project budgets with workflow automation. Once invoices are approved they are automatically posted in your Opera 3 Purchase Ledger with the PDF file linked to each transaction.

invoice approval
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