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Migrating your Payroll Software

Intsys UK Ltd Consultancy team can manage the transition of your payroll from any number of applications.

Why now?



With Year-End fast approaching its close, it is the time of year you can start to consider changing your payroll software. April brings with it, not only the onset of a new HMRC payroll year, but also the optimum moment to make the move away from your old payroll package.

Payroll Year End



Year end might feel like the worst time to switch with so many things happening to close down the year but with the advent of Real Time Processing (RTI), the burden at payroll year end should be small. If it isn’t, then you are probably using the wrong software!

Pegasus Opera 3 Payroll

Pegasus Opera 3 Payroll

Fully Integrated HMRC accredited Software
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Typically the year end closedown procedure in Pegasus Opera 3 Payroll is around 15-20 mins and if your utilising the payroll self service WebXchange, there is no printing of P60s to worry about, everything is securely stored on the web for your employees to download at their leisure.

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Year End

At year end there are no cumulative tax and NI worries and as such you can create your payroll from scratch and even recode departments, employees or analysis codes without impacting rolling in year figures.

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Easy to use

Pegasus Payroll Software is a fully integrated HMRC accredited payroll and HR solution. The Payroll software is easy to use, easy to install and best of all – it won’t break the bank.


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Business Intelligence

With access to state of the art Business Intelligence reporting tools such as Pegasus XRL, and also the innovative Payroll Self Service and Timesheet features built into the Pegasus WebXchange, the Pegasus Payroll proposition is one that should definitely be considered moving into next year Payroll.

Migration Services

Intsys Migration Services


Intsys UK Ltd Consultancy team can manage the transition of your payroll from any number of applications.


To date we have successfully migrated from:



Sage 50/200/KCSPayroll/Snowdrop

Access Dimensions

Iris Exchequer

Intuit Quickbooks

Nothing to book at the moment

Current Opera User on legacy products?

Upgrade to Opera 3
Download the Legislation & Product Changes Guide 2020-2021

If you are currently using Pegasus Opera II Payroll this is due for retirement soon. You must think about upgrading to Pegasus Opera 3 and our team can provide a quick and seamless upgrade path unlocking all the benefits of the Opera 3 platform that you have been missing, including and not limited to the following:


Pegasus Scheduler, Pegasus straight to Excel reports, Excel Auto Enrolment Reports, full NOW pension and NEST pension integration, customisable menus, Pegasus shutdown and messaging centres, Web payslips and timesheets, Self Service payroll features.


Ask our team today about migrating or upgrading your payroll and HR software and reap the rewards that using one of the industries most award-winning payroll software can bring.

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