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Pegasus Mobile Sales

Connecting your sales team on the road with your office.

Mobile Sales via Pegasus Web Xchange is a dedicated sales app that will change the way your orders are taken and processed.

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Pegasus Web Xchange

Pegasus Web Xchange is a secure and easy way to access your Opera 3 data on the go.

Any time, anywhere. It will change the way you work and run your business.

Pegasus Mobile Sales

Pegasus Mobile Sales

With Pegasus Mobile Sales, the turnaround time between a customer placing an order and that order being processed is reduced significantly. This improves delivery and invoicing times, ultimately enhancing cash flow. Processing orders in this way saves time and money and improves the customer’s experience of your company.

Pegasus Mobile Sales is designed to improve the way your sales team interacts with customers. Account information is provided so that the sales person can see the customer’s credit limit and current balance, a list of their outstanding invoices and due dates, and previous orders placed. The sales person therefore knows what’s been ordered, delivered and invoiced to that customer, so they have a history of the customer’s purchasing patterns. And it’s possible to define the length of time sales orders are retained on the mobile device.


Pegasus Mobile Sales Goodle play store
Pegasus Mobile Sales Apple Store
Pegasus Opera 3 Mobile sales app
Pegasus Opera 3 Mobile sales app

Stock Control

Stock Enquiry allows the sales person to see what is in stock and the selling price. All of which is exactly what the sales team needs to manage customer accounts, take sales orders and send them to the office for processing.

Work offline

Pegasus Mobile Sales is designed to work even if there’s no internet connection using cached data. Information on orders placed is stored on the mobile device until a network connection is found.


Mobile Sales Features

• Works on Android tablets

• Secure communication between the mobile device and Opera 3
• Downloads Opera 3 Stock Control to the mobile device, including stock levels and pricing
• Sales orders from the mobile device are uploaded to Opera 3, where the sales office can approve them and import them into Sales Order Processing
• If an order is rejected, the sales person is notified and given the reason
• The Due Date for delivery can be specified at both Sales Order and Sales Order Lines level
• Uses product and special pricing, invoice and settlement discounts and customer price lists
• Showcase products to customers 

• The customer’s signature can be captured on orders and included in the order confirmation email
• The sales person can view the status of the order, from upload to Opera 3 through to Delivered and Invoiced
• Orders can be taken even if there’s no network service, and can be uploaded once network service is restored
• Ideal solution for companies with sales people on the road 

• Saves a company both time and money

Pegasus Opera 3 Web Xchange
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