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How to Invoice via Contract Period Billing

Contract Period Billing, within the CRM module, posts documents to the Invoicing/SOP module so that they can be progressed to invoices via the Processing or Batch Processing commands. With the ability to specify billing periods and items with defined date ranges, Contract Period Billing is the perfect tool to automate your periodic invoicing.

1. Open the Service Management folder, click Utilities, then click Contract Period Billing.

2. Tick the record/s you are interested in. Tick the Invoice box to raise an Invoicing or SOP document. The Process box is then ticked for you automatically. You can tick the Process box without ticking the Invoice box if you do not want the item to be invoiced. The document is not displayed again.

3. To update the Costing application with a revenue transaction, click the Action button, select Revenue Analysis and enter the Job and Cost Code information. This is available if you use the Costing application and the Service Management to Costing option is ticked in System - Maintenance - Company Profiles.

4. To change any of the details, select the line you want to change and click Amend.

5. Click Post.

6. If you wish to check the Documents created then go to Invoicing/SOP Processing > Find Company > Action > Document. Here you can see the individual billing items have been listed in one document ready to be progressed [...]

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