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How to Restore a backup in Pegasus Opera 3

Should you ever need to restore to a previous state in your Pegasus Opera 3 system, provided you have taken a backup of the relevant company, the Restore feature is a quick and easy way to revert back to an earlier point in time.

Before restoring a previous set of data, there are a few considerations that need to be made:

  • Firstly you must ensure that no other users are accessing Opera.

  • Also consider whether you want to backup the existing data before you restore an earlier backup.

  • If you are restoring SQL Server databases, no users should be connected to the 'COMP_?' databases in Microsoft SQL Server (where ? is the company's code).

  • If you are restoring Document Management databases, no users should be connected to the 'DM' and 'DM_?' databases in Microsoft SQL Server (where ? is the company's code). You are warned if the SQL Server databases cannot be accessed or there are active connections to the Document Management databases.

  • If the company is linked to Pegasus Web Xchange the link will be suspended until it is resumed from the System - PWX Centre after the data has been restored.

How to Restore a Backup

The Restore function in Pegasus Opera 3 can be accessed via Administration > System > Utilities > Restore.

Opera will automatically select the default location for your backup file(s) [...]

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