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How to run the Import Wizard?

Importing transactions into any accounts system, including Pegasus Opera 3 is not straightforward – this is because of the need to navigate the extensive transactional controls built into the system when posting any transaction, which are evident within the Opera 3 user interface for manually post transactions or when utilising the import function.

Help is at hand however as the process of importing transactions is made much simpler by Intsys - the Opera 3 Support Team provide a range of additional Import feature services, including import consultancy, training and an on-going Import Support Agreement.

Pegasus Opera 3 has contained within its Help function, both operational assistance and example file formats which we advise all users of the import feature to thoroughly review as part of the process .

During training, Intsys will provide as much information as possible to enable transactions to be imported seamlessly however, because of the plethora of rules built into the product both at data entry and data file level, we do advise that it is not possible to identify every combination of format required at field level.

As such, after completion of training and during the construction of the import files, we advise import function users to be reminded of the following :-

• Take a backup of your data before processing before any import. More info here

• Enter a transaction manually into Opera 3 to identify mandatory fields and calculated fields.

• Utilise XRL to extract this manually entered transaction to identify what information is subsequently retained by Opera 3 in the underlying data and the format.

• Pegasus Opera 3 may automatically populate fields – by way only as an example, the gross amount on an invoice may automatically be completed after entering the Net and Vat which may negate the need to include a value within the import file.

• Utilise the information contained in the Import Help, as well as the investigation done by entering an example transaction to create and example import file.

• Where appropriate, produce one import transaction line and format until it is successfully imported. Then duplicate this format on all other transaction lines, remembering that different rules may apply for different transaction types.

• If one transaction line imports and another doesn’t, compare and contrast.

• If importing financial transactions, reconcile your data before and immediately after. For example, if importing sales invoices – take a note of the debtors total before and after as the difference should equate to the transactions imported.

• Before allowing users to continue to process, check all data within Opera to ensure everything is correct otherwise revert to backup and start the process again.

If you want to add Import Support to your existing agreement please contact for further information.

Import Consultancy/Training services are also available please contact for further information.

Published by the Intsys Pegasus Opera 3 Support Team

Disclaimer: This document is intended to provide general advice and has been prepared as a guide only. It is the user’s responsibility to decide how they want to proceed with the information given. Intsys UK Ltd accepts no responsibility for any errors, omissions, or misleading statements on these pages.


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