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Online Accounting: Using Opera 3 in the Cloud

With the ever growing shift in movement to online accounting solutions, we have put together some guidance for our Pegasus Opera 3 Cloud users.

Q. What is the cloud?

A. The cloud is an online platform where you can access your Opera 3 and other applications, giving you the flexibility to access from anywhere, anytime.

Q. How do I log in to my cloud session?

A. When you first subscribe you will be provided with your login credentials and a web address to access.

Cloudsis PHASE II:

You will also need to ensure that the latest Citrix Receiver is installed on your PC.

Q. What is the Citrix Receiver and how do I get it?

A. The Citrix Receiver is a small application required for you to access your online applications.

1. Desktops: You can download it from the Citrix website. A direct link to the download page is here.

2. Mobile devices:

Apple: You can download it from the iTunes website. A direct link to the download page is here.

Android: You can download it from the Google Play website. A direct link to the download page is here.

Citrix Receiver – How it works

When you log into the cloud and open your session, there will always be a small download which you will need to run. Some web browsers will do this automatically. Others may do this in different ways – please refer to your browser help guide if you are not sure.

For example:

In Google Chrome when you download a file there is a small arrow, if you click in the arrow you have the option “always open files of this type”. Once the option is selected you won’t have to launch the software anymore as Chrome will open the launch file automatically.

Sometimes it may be necessary to update or reinstall your Citrix Receiver. Should you need to do so, you should first uninstall your existing Citrix Receiver, then download and install the latest version from the Citrix website as mentioned above.

Q. ‘Your credentials are invalid. Try again or contact your system administrator.’ Help!

A. Incorrect User Name or Password: Ensure the details entered are correct - the password is case sensitive so check if Caps Lock is on. If you have forgotten your password and have enrolled onto Password Attendant utility; you can reset your password with the security questions. More information on Password Attendant can be found here (link to help guide).

However, if you are still unable to log on contact the Intsys Support team.

Q. How do I log off my cloud session?

A. You will need to ensure you log off from within the cloud before switching off or logging off your local PC/device. If you do not it means your session is only “disconnected” and does not get a chance to refresh. Frequent “disconnections” from the Cloud session can sometimes restrict user access and may require the "user" to be reset.

Q. How do I change my password?

All users can manage their own passwords via Password Attendant:

Select the link and follow the onscreen instructions.

Your password should be a minimum of 8 characters and contain at least one capital letter and one number.

Q. I have an error message when running an application. What do I do?

A. Temporary issue: close the application (if possible), restart your cloud session by logging off and on again and repeat the initial process.

Contact the Intsys Support team if the error message reappears.

Q. Why is my cloud session not as fast as usual?

A. Accessing the Cloud is reliant on being able to connect to the internet.

Consistent interruptions to your local internet and/or network connection can therefor affect your Cloud performance, including a sluggish experience and disconnections from your cloud session.

Things to try:

-Test your session from another PC, if however it is effecting multiple users – possible internet/network connection issue.

-Local internet connection or network – Contact your internet provider to advise. Restart any modems/routers to refresh your connection.

-Network/Internet connection to the PC in question – Consider network cables, ensuring they are properly connected and not damaged (it may be worth testing with a different network cable to see if this makes a difference).

-An issue with the PC itself - Run any pending PC updates and restart your machine to ensure it is fully refreshed. Further investigation may required for your PC if the issue persists.

If there is a consistent issue with the connection to one particular workstation or your local network you may need an IT technician to investigate further.

-Applications and Resource – As with any system if a large amount of applications are in use, it may have a knock on effect for both your session and others.

Q. My cloud session keeps disconnecting

A. The most common cause is the local internet connection, however this can also be influenced by the factors mentioned above.

If your PC goes on standby, this will cause your cloud session to disconnect. Adjust your PC standby/power saving settings as required to avoid this.

This article was brought to you by the Intsys Support Team – if you have questions please contact us via

If you are a new or existing Opera User and you would like to know more about the available cloud offers please visit

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