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How to schedule backups in Pegasus Opera 3

The Importance of Backups:

IT Systems as well as the associated software are now extremely resilient; however there will always be occasional circumstances, beyond the control of the organisation, which may lead to integrity issues with data.

This may be the direct result of a virus, hardware failure, power interruptions or even user associated issues.

At Intsys, we recommend that you possess daily, weekly and monthly backups of your Pegasus Opera 3 data. It is also necessary (Pegasus Opera usually prompts the user) to perform a backup of data prior to performing major processing functions such as a payroll update or Nominal period end.

The responsibility for Pegasus Opera backups should not only be the company IT team but also the users.

Using the Task Scheduler you can plan and process the tasks outside of your normal working day and be confident that your staff can carry out their normal day to day processing tasks without interruption. With this feature you can easily backup your companies every day and ensure that your data is safe without disrupting the day to day running of your business.

How to schedule a backup

Within Opera 3, open the Task Schedule Editor Window: [...]

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