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Nominal Transfer Routines In Pegasus Opera 3

As you know, various modules can link to and integrate with the Nominal Ledger in Pegasus Opera 3.

If Real-Time Update of Nominal is switched on transactions are generally posted in real-time, however there are valid occasions where this may not occur (see the Opera 3 F1 help guide for more info on this feature if you are not sure).

If you are expecting transactions to appear in your Nominal ledger and they are not there, it is always relevant to first check the appropriate transfer routines via Nominal > Utilities.

Each routine will allow you the option to run as ‘Report Only’ so you can simply view what transactions may be waiting to be transferred before actually completing the process.

Some of the most common transfer routines have been summarised below:

S/L Transfer: use to post invoices, [...]

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