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SOP Partial Deliveries/Invoices. How to part deliver/invoice a sales order in Pegasus Opera 3?

If you don't currently have enough stock to complete a Sales Order, or would like to split the full amount of items into multiple deliveries/invoices for any other reason, you can produce partial deliveries and invoices in SOP.

In the SOP Delivery screen, click on Action>Progress. You will see the Delivery Details screen in which you can select the Quantity that you would like to include in the delivery.

In the example below, there are only 250 units in stock and 500 units on order:

A) If we enter the full amount (500 units)

Opera will create a negative balance in the Stock item.

When you progress the delivery into an invoice there will be only 1 invoice for the full amount.

B) Alternatively, you can make a partial delivery/invoice. For example, [...]

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