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Up to 55% Discount!

On Opera SE SQL licence when you upgrade from Opera 3. Offer available until the 31/08/2024

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All you need to know about our Cloud Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order & Invoice Approval Sol

What is our Purchase Procurement Solution?

Intsys has teamed up with Zahara to integrate their Cloud Purchase Management software with Opera 3 and Opera SE. With our new Solution, you can easily raise orders and carry out purchase invoice approvals by email, create automatic purchase invoice approval triggers as well as automate invoice processing and matching them with orders.

Zahara is a flexible and easy to use tool that is now integrated with Opera 3 to give the user control and visibility across their organisation. The tool can be used just for invoice approvals or it can be used for the entire purchase to pay process within your business.

For every purchase order raised, there is an agreed workflow. A standard workflow would mean that a Purchase requests is raised, then approved taking into consideration any pre-set budgets and then automatically sent to the Supplier should the user wish for this process to be automated.

Users can also utilise the Dashboards feature which gives you a visual on what’s on order, what’s delivered and what’s waiting for approval. Supplier invoices can be recorded and saved as PDF’s, which can be later matched to PO’s and then imported into your accounts system.

Benefits of using our Purchase Management Solution

With Zahara, you have the ability to control spend with purchase approvals, prevent duplicate purchases and reduce risk of fraud. The tool also makes buying faster, more efficient and easier.

You are also able to process purchase invoices, pay suppliers faster, Go paper-less with electronic document storage and utilise departmental or project budgets.

Why choose Zahara integrated with Opera 3?

Zahara is perfect for organisations with multiple work sites and multiple concurrent jobs/projects. Organisations such as Schools, Retail Outlets, Construction companies and Financial Cooperation’s will benefit greatly from using our Purchase Management Solution as it will put them in control of their expenditure, workflow, payments and goods.

This tool will give your accounts team accurate information and will reduce the time spent in gaining approvals and dealing with queries. The Management teams will also be able to have instant access and visibility of financial information, performance and profitability, along with the ebbs and flows in orders, so they can make quicker, more astute decisions.

For more information visit our dedicated page or watch the demo videos.

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