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Intsys & Cloudsis Christmas

Challenge 2018

Help us to help others! 

Welcome to the Intsys Christmas Challenge 2018

This year you have the opportunity to help sponsor select nurses

to complete the GICU Trauma nursing course

What is the challenge?

Intsys has a very close association to the St Georges Hospital and via the Molly's Smile Fund, it continues to raise funds for its General Intensive Care Unit.

This Christmas we would like to raise £1,000 to sponsor a GICU Nursing Trauma Course, but we need your help!

The challenge is very simple, we will donate £5 for each person who clicks on the DONATE button located on the Cloudsis Christmas page or each time that you share our Cloudsis Christmas Challenge page in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The challenge will finish on the 20th of December. You can participate up to 4 times per day, once in each platform.


Why this challenge?

Already the Molly's Smile Fund has raised over £50,000 and one of the completed projects was to enhance the GICU unit Family Room.

Patients are only admitted to the GICU when they are seriously ill and it is so important that in such circumstances family members are as comfortable as possible, particularly when they may be waiting for many hours at all times of the day in very stressful circumstances.
What makes the GICU so special however is the care provided by the specialist nurses who work tirelessly to ensure all patients get the best care.
The nurses choose to become GICU specialists and they acquire the necessary expertise via a self-funded training course.
This Christmas Molly's Smile Fund has teamed up with the Nursing Management Team to help raise funds to sponsor select nurses to complete the GICU Trauma Training course.

The course costs £1000 and on qualification, nurses can then deliver specialist care to seriously injured patients with life and limb threatening traumas.

Would you like to donate?

If you are looking for a deserving Charity this Christmas, we would be delighted to introduce you directly to St Georges GICU Charity team or will pass on any donations via the Molly Smile Fund.


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