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A fitness based action for good, based in the heart of our community

Mollys Smile Fund

Molly's Smile Fund

Molly's Smile Fund is Intsys designated charity for 2018


The fund was established in memory of Molly who died suddenly after contracting the teenage curse of Glandular fever, which subsequently induced a rare disease of the immune system, known simply as HLH (Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis).


After 6 weeks in the intensive Care Unit at St Georges Hospital in Tooting, Molly finally lost her battle.


Molly a perfectly fit 19 year old, studying to become a Primary School teacher loved life and lived it to the full. Her intention, once qualified, was to specialise and concentrate on children with special needs and to provide assistance which was not always available during her education.


Molly was dyslexic and as such had to work extremely hard to achieve educational parity with her cohorts – she also had hearing difficulties at a very young age. Both attributes established very positive traits, particularly her skills in communication and her ability to relate to children with similar issues . Molly understood the difficulties children can have in education as well as the realisation that teachers would not always be attuned to the issue or have the necessary time to help.


As such The Molly Smile fund has been established, initially to raise funds for the St Georges ICU and the Histio UK Charities but subsequently to raise funds for St Mary’s University Assisted Technology Suite.


The Assisted Technology Suit is designed specifically to increase and improve the capabilities and independence of student teachers with disabilities and specific learning difficulties, who will hopefully go into the profession and utilise their experience to the benefit of the next generation.


The MSF target is to initially raise £21,000 in celebration of Molly’s recent 21st birthday, already £8,000 has been raised towards that target.


To make a donation to the fund, please visit the Justgiving page. Your contribution will be very much appreciated.


Alternatively, if your company has a charity budget and would like to designate MSF as being your companies charity, Molly’s Smile Fund would be delighted!








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