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How to take a data backup in Pegasus Opera 3

There is a facility within Pegasus Opera 3 that allows any user with “Manager Rights” to take backups of their data for selected companies.

There may be instances where this type of backup would be useful for example, if you have data integrity issues caused by a system crash, or when there is a need to reverse major changes such as the period end process within Pegasus Opera 3. These backups allow you to restore the data easily to a previous point using the restore wizard within Opera.

You can access this function via Administration > System> Utilities > Backup.

The backup process in Pegasus Opera 3 is controlled by an easy-to-use wizard that will give you various options for the type of backup you want to do. You will be able to choose from just the company data i.e. accounts, transactions and settings; or you can include additional files as seen below:

Include Additional Files/Folders

PDF: Tick to include Portable Document Format files in the backup. PDF files are saved in the 'Company code_PDF' subfolder of the application's dynamic data folder.

Spool: Tick to include spool files in the backup. Spool files are saved in the 'Company code_SPOOL' subfolder of the product's dynamic data folder.

Email: Tick to include emails in the backup. Emails are saved in the 'Company code_MAIL' subfolder of the application's dynamic data folder.

PDM: Tick to include Pegasus Document Management (PDM) files in the backup. This field is enabled if the system includes the PDM module which uses these SQL Server databases to store data:

The actual document images are stored beneath the 'Company code_DOCUMENTS' subfolder of the application's dynamic data folder. The images are held in an encrypted format in files suffixed with 'WEI'. If the PDM box is ticked, the backup includes the contents of the 'Company code_DOCUMENTS' folder as well as backing up the SQL Server databases mentioned above.

SPM: Tick to include the Sales Pipeline Management related files in the backup. This field is enabled if the system includes the Sales Pipeline Management application. These files are saved by Sales Pipeline Management in the 'Compay code_SPREADSHEET', 'Company code_MAILMERGE', and 'Company code_LETTERTEMPLATE' folders.

Export: Tick to include all the files that are saved in the 'Compay code_EXPORT'. This folder is the default folder for storing reports saved as Microsoft Excel files in Opera 3. It is also the default folder for reports saved in the Nominal Ledger > Matrix Reports command.

Key Considerations before taking a backup in Pegasus Opera 3:

You must ensure that no other users are logged in to Pegasus Opera 3 or Pegasus XRL to allow you to continue.

If you are backing up any additional files, make sure no one is using the files before you start the backup.

The amount of time [...]

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