Direct Earnings Attachments (DEA) in Pegasus Opera 3

The deduction amount for this new attachment order is calculated by using a table of bandwidths and

percentages for weekly and monthly paid employees supplied by the Department for Work & Pensions(DWP). In some circumstances the DWP will allow an alternative fixed amount to be deducted.

Deduction Profiles

Two new options are available on the Deduction Profile

form (accessed from the Payroll - Maintenance menu)

for the DEA attachment order:

• (DEA) - Table.

• (DEA) - Fixed.

The deductions should be described on the deduction

profile as either ‘DEA Table’ or ‘DEA Fixed’ so that they

are displayed on payslips appropriately.


New Table and Fixed DEA options on the Deduction Profile form

Employee Attachment Orders

The new DEA options can be selected on the Attachment Orders form (accessed from the Payroll - Processing form) for each relevant employee.


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