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Why is it important to manage your data?

With any system, the size of your data - if not managed effectively can sometimes affect the performance and in extreme circumstances, prevent the application from working correctly.

There is a feature in Pegasus Opera 3 that allows you to monitor the status of your data - the Data Status Check.

You can access this function in Opera 3 via Administration > System > Utilities > Data Status Check and follow the prompts.

Note: You will need the relevant permissions to access this function.

Re-organise routines and its Importance

There are some reorganisation routines you can do to assist with tidying up your Opera 3 data in SOP/Invoicing or Purchase Order Processing – These are common areas where data can build up if you are processing large volumes of documents.

POP (Purchase Orders) and SOP/Invoicing

• The command in Supply Chain Management > SOP/Invoicing > Utilities > Reorganise.

• Fill in the information and tick relevant tick boxes for your company and press ‘OK’.

• This lets you reorganize and re-index the files associated with the Invoicing and SOP modules, removing deleted and completed items.

Further information on these features can be found within the Pegasus Opera 3 Help File (F1).

Note: Please use this feature with caution. Documents eligible for deletion will be completely removed. We always recommend you take a backup before using Reorganise.

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