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Shutdowns and Lockouts in Opera 3

There are some processes within Pegasus Opera 3 which require exclusive access, meaning that everyone except the user wishing to carry out the process must be logged out of Opera. Common examples of exclusive processes would include backups and running the “Update Data Structures” feature.

Depending on the size and arrangement of your organisation, it can sometimes be difficult to get everyone to log out of Opera at any given time.

Scheduled Shutdowns and Lockouts are two very useful features available in Pegasus Opera 3 that can help you achieve this.

What is the difference between a Shutdown and a Lockout?

A lockout will prevent the selected user(s) from logging into Pegasus Opera 3, however if they are already logged in when this occurs, they will not be affected. The noticeable difference when compared to a shutdown is that the shutdown feature will force the selected user(s) out of Opera and subsequently perform a lockout for a set amount of time.

To schedule a Shutdown or Lockout in Pegasus Opera 3:

This can be accessed via Administration > System > Scheduling > Shutdown You will then be able to create a new record by clicking the new record icon or pressing Ctrl+N on your keyboard.

When scheduling a shutdown in Pegasus Opera 3 you will be able to set various criteria including a warning message that will appear for all selected users three times prior to the Shutdown.

Please note: The length of time before the first message will appear will be set in your shutdown options screen as shown here. The second and third messages however, will be defined in Opera 3 via System > Utilities > System Preferences as shown below:

Important Notes:

1. Any unsaved entries [...]

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