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How to run Update Data Structures in Pegasus Opera 3

The Update Data Structures (UDS) command updates the structure of your Pegasus Opera 3 company data files to match the latest data dictionary of the version of Opera you are using. This routine can also be used to rebuild the databases and their indexes. This may be necessary if you are experiencing database errors or performance issues when you use Opera.

You can only run this command if no other users are logged on Pegasus Opera 3.

STEP 1: Selecting your Companies

Log in Opera as Admin.

Go to Administration>Utilities>Update Data Structures

Select the companies that you want to update.

STEP 2: Updating Tax, NI and Statutory Payments Rates

If you use the Payroll application an additional step is displayed so that you can update the Income Tax, National Insurance and Statutory Payments rates in the selected companies. The rates are those published by HMRC.

This step is displayed every time you run Update Data Structures in Pegasus Opera 3, even if the rates have already been updated for the current year. You only need to tick the box for each company if the rates were not previously updated.

If you do not use Payroll this step will be omitted.

STEP 3: Administrator Options

Select options as required. For optimum results please select all options and leave the Audit File unchanged. If you are unsure please contact the Intsys Support Team.

Click Next and the process will start.

You can find the full version of this article in our Support Portal. Click here

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