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Employment Allowance (Employers NI)

In the 2016-17 tax year employers can inform HMRC that they want to claim the annual employment allowance using an indicator on an EPS submission. The allowance, which is allowed per company rather than PAYE scheme reference, will then be offset by HMRC against the Employer Class 1 NICs due using the details in a tax month’s FPS.

The allowance for the 2016-17 tax year is £3000. In Opera this value is held in a new box on the NI ERs tab of the PAYE/NI/Stat Payments form, which is updated automatically by these commands:

• Update Data Structures (accessed from the System - Utilities menu)

• Copy Statutory Rates (accessed from the Payroll - Utilities menu)

Signifying the Intention to Claim the Employment Allowance

To signify to HMRC that the allowance will be claimed the Employment Allowance box must be set to‘Start Claiming’. This only needs to be done once - not each time an EPS is submitted to HMRC. It canbe done in the same tax month that the claim will be made before paying HMRC for the tax month.

Claiming the Employment Allowance for 2016-17

After HMRC has been informed that the employer wants to claim the allowance via the Employer Payment Summary, the actual amount must [...]

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