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As you appreciate, the Pegasus Opera 3 Cashbook is integrated with the Nominal Ledger and as such the transactions entered within the cashbook will be reflected within the corresponding bank accounts within your Nominal Ledger.

It is important, as part of your mont...

Did you know you can use the Rectify Allocation routine in Pegasus Opera 3 to remove allocated  transactions as receipts and refunds from your Sales or Purchase Ledger?

We have provided an example below on how you might use this feature to save valuable processing time:



If you are using the cashbook in Pegasus Opera 3 and have found that you have posted a transaction in error, the cashbook Matching feature is an extremely useful tool that will allow you to rectify your entry in such a way that you will not have to consider it during t...


In Pegasus Opera 3 you can use the Bank Revaluation command to revalue the balances of foreign currency bank accounts where the exchange rate has changed since the last revaluation. This only applies if you have the Multi-currency module installed and activated. It is...

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