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Intsys provide regular Pegasus Software updates via our monthly support bulletins and Newsletters.Within our Intsys Tips & Tricks section we also publish advise and guides to help our customers deal with the most common practices

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A new version of Pegasus Scheduler will include changes to allow VAT Returns to be submitted to HMRC using the new Making Tax Digital for VAT service ‘MTD VAT API’.  All sites must install Pegasus Scheduler along with Microsoft SQL Server/Express and Microsoft .NET Fr...

Within Opera 3, open the Task Schedule Editor Window: Administration > Scheduling > Task Scheduler. You create new tasks, edit tasks and delete tasks from this form

     1. Creating users

Hired a new employee? Do they need access to Pegasus Opera 3 and you need to create a new user? In order to use this feature you will need to have Manager Rights enabled on your profile.

Start by opening the User Profiles window from the...

The Intsys Support Team has put together some general tips to help ensure your Pegasus Opera System can operate at its optimum level and minimise any processing issues.

1. UAC

User Account Control is a Windows Security Feature available on most modern Windows computers....


Have you ever needed or wanted to send messages to a particular user or a group of users in Opera 3?

Scheduled pop up messages on each user's desktop can be a great way to share important messages within your Opera system. For example, informing users of planned activit...


As many of us know, occasionally there may be times when we cannot access Opera, or we need to do an exclusive process such as take a backup and the company is not accessible. For instance, when you log into Opera it might say “This user cannot access their preferred c...